Bad girl

Good girl Olivia gets hit by a truck .she ends up friends with bad people ,as she follows there ways ,she gets dragged in to the bad side of life but will someone pull her out of it ?(ONE DIRECTION NOT FAMOUS)(plus she is 17)




When we got to my house Brooke kept being well brooke a.k.a. annoying . In the end i locked my bedroom door so she couldnt get in but she just kept banging on it saying she will shout all my secrets and bust the door down so i opened the door and shouted  " if you dare i will tell zayn what you do when your tired and tell him about Mr duck . so leave OR ELSE " She stood still, tears filled her eyes and she went in her room and locked the door . i looked at zayn , i didnt mean to make her cry . " you were a bit harsh dont ya think " he said . No i  must stand my ground she threatened me first so i will not go and apologize . Loud sobs came from brooke's bedroom elliot went to see if she was okay and she had a giant swearing fit at him and then carried on crying . Brook was a drama queen so i left her to calm down . We all went downstairs to eat dinner and no brooke ."where is she , elliot what did you do" my dad said  I looked up from the floor "it was me dad i will go and get her " i said i ran up the stairs to brookes room . "hey brooke you okay , wanna have dinner dad made your favourite food well ordered it , pizza you know the one thats ..." i said " the same word in Spanish " she replied , opened the door and faked a smile . tear stains were on her cheek and top ."im so sorry baby i didnt mean the words i said im not going to tell anyone about your secrets ." i whispered as i pulled her into a hug . she had Mr duck her teddy tucked under her arm ,and her duck onesie on ( she likes ducks ).


After dinner i let brooke watch a horror movie with me and zayn , she started getting tired and started sucking her thumb . She curled up into a small ball and fell asleep , she looked so cute . When the movie finished zayn gently picked her up and put her in her own bed . "thanks , im sorry about today with brooke she can be a big baby at sometimes " i told zayn once we got back to my room . " its okay i have 3 sisters so anyway when does your mum get home is she still at work ." he asked . Thats when all my memories flooded back tears silently started flowing down my face and the world seemed like a giant blur. I leaned against the wall and slid down it .I looked up at zayn " my mum passed away 10 years ago when i was 7 . " i sobbed . No one had mentioned her in forever so i guess i just forgot , sometimes i wish she could be home and just worked till late so i didnt see her much but at least she would be alive  , but the cold harsh truth was that she was never going to come home again . i carried on crying and zayn came and hugged me but i didnt move ,i was stiff . After a while i pulled myself back together remembering my image of a bad-ass girl who was hit by a truck and kidnapped and living as a thug . Zayn eventually left as tomorrow was a school day and people were propably going to be wondering were i was the past few days . I threw on my pyjamas and jumped into bed and told myself stories of when mum was alive until i drifted off to sleep .





cant believe its 2014 .sorry i havent updated in like a whole year hahaha . plz comment and like  and yes i like ducks :) teehee so sad back to school on Tuesday 7th sos we should have until February off .so sorry for people who go school on monday 6th anywhoooo 

keep calm 


carry on 

eating chicken 

lol lydia xxx




ps im not very good at spelling so very sorry if there are any mistakes and zayns name is not in spell check :( i will need to complain about that .

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