Bloody Trapland (PewDieCry Fanfic)

"Pewdie?" I called into the darkness. I had to find him, to know that he was still alive. "I'm here, Cry." I heard a faint Swedish voice say from the corner of the room. I sighed in relief, crawling over to him, lifting his head up. "Pewds, Are you alright?" I asked, wiping the blood from his face. I felt a tear roll down my cheek. "Yeah, Don't even worry about it, Cry." I couldn't see his face, but I knew him well enough to know that he wore a weak smile on his face, trying to cover the pain. "Pewds..I..Please stay with me, Pewdie!" I shook him gently, seeing his eyes flutter. I rested my forehead on his. "Don't leave me." I cried. I felt his hand reach up and touch my cheek. "Never." He whispered. I heard the door swing open, and two men with a stretcher came in. They pulled me away from Pewdie, and I scrambled into a corner, knowing well enough not to interfere with them. "Take him to the infirmary." One of them said. My eyes widened. No.. No one ever comes back from the infirmary..


1. New Partner

I opened my eyes slowly, being greeted by darkness. I looked around I had no idea. I couldn’t see anything. I could feel the sharp pain in the back of my head, and I groaned, rubbing my sore neck. I couldn’t remember anything that had happened, and I strained myself to sit upright, scooting back against a wall. I heard shifting coming from somewhere around me. I felt my breathing speed up along with my heart rate, and I looked around, trying to make out something, anything in the shadows.

“Calm down, bro. You took a nasty blow to the head. They really need to learn how to be gentler. Then again, how could they.” A voice called from my left.

“Th-They? They, who?” I stuttered weakly.

“I don’t know who they really are, but all I know is that they kidnap guys like us and pit us against each other to fight to the death until two remain. I know, cause I’ve been one of those two every time. I can’t say I’m proud of killing people, but I have to in order to survive. It’s the way things work around here.” He explains. This all seems so unreal. So nightmarish.

“How did I get here?” I ask.

“You must’ve been one of the new stolens. One of the new kidnapped I mean.” He told me. How was I kidnapped? Where was I kidnapped from? All of these questions hurt my head, and I asked him the only thing I can muster.

“What’s your name?” I blinked, trying to see any shape or silhouette of this man.

“Felix. I’m Felix, but please call me by my nickname: Pewdie.” He said charmingly. I just now realized that he has a Swedish accent. A loud clanking noise sounded from the door. "Here they come. Act like your asleep." Pewdie whispers to me. I nod, and turn my head to the side, closing my eyes. I let my body go limp, and I can feel my heart thumping against my chest. The door creaks open, and I hear footsteps entering the room.

"Felix. How is our newbie fairing? Have you learned his name?" A man with an American accent asked, his voice stern.

"He hasn't woken up yet, sir. I call him Cry, though." I heard Pewdie's soft voice say. Cry? Why does he call me Cry? Or is he just making that up?

"Why do you call him Cry?" The man says, almost reading my thoughts.

"Because.. Well, because, sir. He was.. crying in his sleep." Pewdie said with concern in his voice. Concern? Why is he concerned about me.?

"Ah, well, we will call him Cry if he can't remember his name. You will be in charge of him, and he will be staying in here with you. Do you understand?" The man asked. 

"Yes, sir." Pewdie said.

"When he wakes up, give these to him. Explain what they are, and help him. He will be your new partner." The man said. I heard something hit the floor.

"I will, sir." Pewdie sighed. I heard the footsteps make their way out of the room, and the door closing. "Okay, you can open your eyes. He's gone." Pewdie called quietly. I opened my eyes, turning my head in the direction of where his voice was coming from

"Did I really.. Cry in my sleep?" I asked, confusion swelling inside of me. I was met by silence, which I took as a yes. "Well, I can't remember my name, so I guess my new name is Cry." I sighed.

"Here, the boss wanted me to give these to you." Pewdie said, sliding the items over to me. I picked them up, noticing that there was a bright green jumper with bright green pants. I unfolded them, two more items falling out of them. I picked up a white mask with a simple face, the smile being a straight line. I picked up next what seemed like.. Cat ears? Bright green cat ears to be exact. What is all this for?

"What is all of this?" I asked. 

"Let me explain. There are partners in this game. That's why two people are left standing each time. My old partner, he.. you know.." Pewdie trailed off. I understood what he meant.

"I get it.. Go on." I prompted.

"All of the partners have matching costumes, and props they use as their signature. Mine and my partner's costumes were these outfits with the cat ears. I have a red jumper and red pants. Also, red cat ears. My partner's signature was that mask, and mine are headphones." He said. I studied the mask closer, noticing the small cracks in it. I could see hints of red in the cracks, and I knew that that was blood. "You're my new partner. Welcome to Bloody Trapland." 


I had this Idea while watching youtube videos of PewDieCry. If you do not know what PewDieCry is, thee go to youtube and find PewDiePie's channel. That's who Felix A.K.A. Pewdie is. Then find ChaoticMonkey's channel. That is who Cry is. Then look up PewDieCry, and that is the pairing that this is based on. I recommend actually watching Pewdiepie and Cry play Bloody Trapland, cause it is an actual game. Just a little background on this. I really think this could be a good fanfic, and I know that not a lot of PewDieCry fanfics are out there, but I'm proud of this first chapter. I hope those people on here who know and like PewDieCry enjoy this! I know I certainly do. ~Maddy <3

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