One Direction. Worldwide band with a loyal fandom. About a week ago their most recent tour 'Take Me Home' ended. These five boys are on a break and are all going to attend a very private academy near London. Aubrey. The nerdy girl in the back of the classroom who is always reading. She gets the unfortunate news of Harry returning. Her world is turned upside down. Past becomes present. The unexpected happens. Will they get through it all?


1. His return

       "Aubrey!", Grace waved her geometry homework paper in my face. I looked up at her and mumbled a 'sorry'. "Alright, first question", she cleared her throat, "what is-   I heard high pitched screams, even a peep from Grace as she raced to the crowd at the front of the room. I rolled my eyes and adjusted my glasses before doing what I had planned since last Tuesday when I heard the news. I folded my arms, then plugged my ears while I plopped my head down. I felt somebody tap on my right shoulder, the room fell silent. Please god, I will start doing my chores if you please just don't let it be him. I lifted my head, pushed my glasses back and looked up at a guy with chesnut hair and dark eyes. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I looked around and saw a couple people whispering and a few others mouths agape staring at me and him.

    "Um- can I sit here", he pointed at Grace's seat, "um?"


     "Yes, yes you can sit here L-l-liam", Grace stuttered while scrabbling for her stuff. Liam smiled at her and sat next to me, pulling out his pencil. Grace sat in the diagonal corner giving me a big thumbs up. I stuck my tounge out at her, and the class got back to their obnoxious selves. 

   "So...Aubrey I see you like the corner seats just like me...although I haven't been in a student position for three years now", he looked at me grinning. 

   "U-um ya, I like to keep to myself. You do know there is four other corners, not being rude but I don't see why you really want to sit with a lowlife like me", I flustered. 

   "I think your cute".


   High pitched screams yet again filled the room and I knew it was him. I tried to use Liam as cover and it did work for about five minutes before I heard a chuckle. 

   "Aubrey, you don't have to hide baby, it's me", Harry said. I uncupped my hands looked up into his burning eyes that were staring at me. The bell rang, saving me as I gathered my things and ran out of the room. Well I almost succeeded, but of course Brittany stuck her foot out and I landed on the cold marble floor. Nobody really seemed to notice, so  I just got up biting my cheek so any tears would fall. I sighed and walked to my porche, getting in and driving home. I pulled in my long driveway, spotting Grace's car. I squealed and jogged inside, opening the large door revealing Cupcake, my 3 and a half year old husky. 

    "I'm home!!", I yelled into my over-sized house. 

    "I know, now let's get this 3 day weekend started", Grace came in the room smirking.


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