One Direction. Worldwide band with a loyal fandom. About a week ago their most recent tour 'Take Me Home' ended. These five boys are on a break and are all going to attend a very private academy near London. Aubrey. The nerdy girl in the back of the classroom who is always reading. She gets the unfortunate news of Harry returning. Her world is turned upside down. Past becomes present. The unexpected happens. Will they get through it all?


2. Friday night

     We walked into my backyard, seeing that my mum was raking up leaves. "Hi, Mrs. Jace!", Grace smiled and waved. She looked up and grinned.

"Hi honey! Hey Aubrey, I ordered pizza, it should be here by 7 and I also called into a local bakery and that will be here approximately at 8:30, so money is on the counter and oh when dad gets home we will be going out with the Payne's. I think they have a son...Liam?", she ranted.

I blushed , "oh yup, Liam...I met him today, he's very... sweet", I gave her a thumbs up then headed inside. When Grace closed the sliding glass door she had an evil smirk on her face.

"Liam...I met him today, he's very...sweet?", she questioned. I nodded sheepishly.

"Well, when you met Liam did you happened to notice your old boyfriend checking you out?", she giggled.

My chest tightened, "Grace, don't act like it didn't happen," I warned. Her smile quickly was taken over by a frown.

"I know...I just-"

"S'okay. So do you wanna go up to the mall for a bit?", I asked.

"Is Liam cute?", she grinned.

"So, let's go!"

   We jogged down the stairs and I told my mum that we would be back soon. ****Once I pulled into the mall parking lot, I went up and down a couple rows before pulling into an empty slot.

We walked into the main entrance and went into Forever 21 first. I ended up buying a couple pairs of denim jeans, a couple beanies and a pair of boots. Whereas Grace bought a cropped sweater, some leggings, a few hair bows and some moccasins. We skipped out of the store and raced each other to Dairy Queen. I instantly regretted it, because guess who I ran into? Harry.

"Hey babe", he had an amused look on his face. I scoffed and went around him to Dairy Queen. I ordered a strawberry banana smoothie and waited patiently.

"Yes, I would like a small pepsi, please love", a husky voice ordered next to me. I rolled my eyes and looked up at harry. He still towers over me and he was smirking at me watching me tap my fingers now impatiently. My order was done and I was pulling out my wallet when harry paid faster then I could. I huffed and mumbled a 'thanks', then turned around and walked over to a grinning Grace.

"Where to next?", she giggled.

I glared at her,"it's not funny." She nodded.

"It's pretty funny", she laughed.

I stopped in my tracks,"yes. It's so funny harry nearly killed my brother and your boyfriend". She stopped also.

"I never said that. He's right behind you", she burst out in a fit of giggles.

I turned around on my heels. "Harry." He nodded.

"Yes babe?"

"First. Don't call me that. Second. You put my brother in a fucking coma. Your serious? Just stay away from me", I shoved him away from me. I took grace and we went into H&M next, then finished off with Aeropostale. Can I just say the Bethany Mota line at aero is amazing?!

Grace and I made it home on time for the pizza. I rushed over to it and grabbed 3 pieces, whereas grace only grabbed one. She noticed me watching her.

"What? Not everyone can eat like you!", she giggled and I joined in. We poured some pop and made our way out to one of our living rooms. I popped in the new One Direction movie This is Us.

*****Middle of the movie*****


A knock at the door nearly made me jump out of my skin. I stomped to the front door and carelessly whipped it open, ready to yell at whoever interrupted mine and Grace's jamming session.

"You know what! We were singing with One Direction, why can't you leave us-"

I coughed awkwardly.

"Oh um. Wait? Harry?", I had a laughing fit looking at the cupcake delivery boy, known as my ex boyfriend, and super star, the one and only Harry Styles. He blushed immensely, and huffed in defeat.

"Hahahahaha. You're working as delivery boy now? Finally got that promotion you were wishing for in high school, now did we", I teased him.

"Ha-ha. Very funny, but I'm just doing this temporarily, because management won't give us our paycheck till next month and I'm getting a car, so just helping myself, pretty girl", he said handing me the cupcake box. I held in my laughs, and looked very serous at him, nodding my head.

"That's very responsible harry", I broke out into another fit and he scrunched his nose in annoyance and went back to the bakery car. I scurried back to Grace, and started ranting.

"Hey! Did you know Harry is cupcake-"

Oops. I stopped in my tracks to look up at a very amused Liam who was dressed in a tuxedo with two adults behind him and my parents finally walked in.

"Oh hey! Aubrey! We um, finished dinner early, and Liam's parents wanted to stop by and meet you!", my mom stated. My eyes furrowed together to why they had the sudden need to meet me. I shook it away and shook each of their hands and gave them a warm smile. Liam looked at me and gave me a friendly smile and shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

"Hey", he casually said.

"Hi", I mumbled. Grace was watching us and I just know it. Nobody else really seemed to notice any tension in here, so it was a pretty comfortable silence.

"Well", Liam's mum clapped,"we better be going, but we will see you three next Friday". I nodded and we said our goodbyes and soon it was just me and grace just finishing up the movie. When Harry said the last line,"My ass is on the line", I grumbled and Grace switched off the TV then turning to me.

"So! Um, what was Liam's mum talking about next Friday they will see 'you three next Friday'", she asked curiously putting air quoted around it.

"I maybe, might just probably have to go to their dinner next Friday", I kinda squeaked at the end.

"What?! Next Friday is dress shopping for the masquerade and you promised", she whined.

"I know! I know! The dinner is a little earlier than normal because of that so we are still on for 6 o'clock", I said. Grace gave me a relieved look and I smiled.

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