One Direction. Worldwide band with a loyal fandom. About a week ago their most recent tour 'Take Me Home' ended. These five boys are on a break and are all going to attend a very private academy near London. Aubrey. The nerdy girl in the back of the classroom who is always reading. She gets the unfortunate news of Harry returning. Her world is turned upside down. Past becomes present. The unexpected happens. Will they get through it all?


4. A week of school(part 2)

Wednesday- ^^^Liam's POV^^^

I walked through the front of the school and went to my locker, alone. Aubrey was absent and she was texting me this morning telling me she'll be back tomorrow. Harry wasn't here either, so all is well. I planned on asking Aubrey on Friday to the dance next Saturday.


The day flew by surprisingly and I headed back to my car. I stopped by Panera and ordered some chicken noodle soup. After I waited in line I told the girl at the front of the store I turned around and took a seat. I looked around noticing the nicely decorated walls. I also saw a few couples, but what caught my eye was Harry glaring at me from the corner. Shit. "Liam Payne", the girl called out and I hurried before anybody noticed me, paid, and took the soup to my car. I quickly drove over to Aubrey's and knocked on the door. Aubrey's mom answered and smiled at me.

"Come in, come in", she beckoned me inside her large home.

"Thanks", I smiled.

"Um Aubrey is upstairs resting, if you can quietly wake her would be nice", her mum informed me.

"First room on the right", she said. I said thanks and carefully opened the door. Her room walls were covered in a bunch of different pictures. Some of us, our 2014 calendar, some pictures of her, some of family I think, and I think her name is bethany mota? Hmm, cute. I looked over at the huge bed with a little body and I walked forward seeing her lightly snoring. But I saw something. Bruises on her neck and a swollen mark on her cheek. Fuck. Damn, why does Harry have to be like that? I lightly tapped on her shoulder making her roll over and groan. I whispered 'hey' and I saw her turn back over with a big grin on her face her eyes opening.

"Hi Liam", she croaked. She's been crying.

"Hello love. I um got you some soup", I offered. She sat up.

"You're the best", she said reaching for the soup. I have her the little container and the plastic soup with some crackers.

"So why have you been crying? I mean I know you were crying earlier, but that was like...this morning, and I mean you dot have to tell-"

"Whoah, Liam slow down. I'll tell you, it's okay", she giggled.

"Well's just that. Liam can you keep a secret?", she asked pleadingly.

I nodded,"of course".

"Ok well...Liam...I uh, I have depression", she said looking up at me. What?

Thursday- ^^^^Harrys POV^^^^

I woke up about 12:45. I rubbed my eyes and grabbed my phone taking it off the desk and unplugging it from the charger. I saw a text from Brittany a few hours ago. 'Hi babe' it said. I typed in 'Goodmorning love' and sent it. I scratched my head and went into the kitchen to get some cereal. I poured in my milk and felt my phone vibrate. 'Its the afternoon but haha whatever. So what's up?' She replied. I said, 'well um the sky'. She texted back, 'ok smartass but I meant what are you doing?'. I told her 'eating fruit loops, what about- oh wait you're at school...ew'. 'Thats cool and whatever, see you later :P', I read it and closed my phone. I finished up my cereal and sighed. I was home alone, but what should I do? I'll just go watch some old reruns of duck dynasty until I have to get ready for mine and Brittany's 3rd date.

*****4 hours later(4 episodes) later*******

I got off the couch and put my dishes in the sink. I headed upstairs in the bathroom and take a shower. After my shower I wrapped a towel around my waist. I went over to the sink, and brushed my teeth, just so my breath can be fresh, long enough before we start eating because I hate the taste of toothpaste and food. I towel dried my hair as much as I could then combed my hair. I went into my closet and picked out a pair of skinny jeans with a plain white shirt and a leather jacket. I went back into the bathroom and styled my hair the way I usually do and then finished off by putting some deodorant on and a couple spritz of cologne. A half hour later I was finished and decided to go get my keys, wallet and phone heading to the grocery store really quick. I picked out some fresh flowers and a box of fancy chocolate. I paid quickly and drove to Brittany's house. I parked my car and walked up to her front door, knocking on it lightly along with ringing the doorbell. A few seconds later, Brittany opened up with her hair straightened, a stunning dress with the perfect amount of makeup on. I actually prefer no makeup but it's alright.

"You look beautiful", I said handing her the flowers and chocolates. She gasped and then looked up at me confused.

"I'll explain later", I smiled, while she set the items down on the table near the door then I took her hand leading her to the passenger seat.


Once we ordered our dinners I watched Brittany. She noticed and blushed.

"Stop looking at me like that", she flustered. I chuckled and reached for her hand across the table and held it in my hand, trying to get my mind off Aubrey. I did. She gently squeezed it and smiled. Then it hit me. Tonight I'm gonna ask her to be my girlfriend.


After we ate, we waited about five minutes till the bill came. I pulled out my wallet really quick and so did Brittany.

"No please, let me", I smiled.

She shook her head. "You've paid for all 3 of our dates, no", she said pulling out some cash.

"Hell no", I said putting my credit card on top of the little booklet thing then I signed the paper slip. She huffed bit thanked me.


When I parked the car I got out quickly and went to Brittany's door and opened it gracefully for her. She got out and smoothed her dress down.

"I had a great time harry, and I'm paying next time", she insisted.

"Nope", I said.

I took her hand in mine and pulled her close to me then I pulled a piece of of her hair hanging in her face behind her ear.

"So Brittany. I've been waiting to ask this and I know this isn't as romantic as I planned it to be, but I was wondering if you would do the honor and become my girlfriend?", I asked .

She nodded and crashed her lips on to mine. We stood there and kissed till I pulled away.

"Well you better get going, babe" I said saying goodbye to her.

"Ok and thank you again for the great night", she smiled walking up the steps. I waited till she was inside safe till I headed home and went to bed.

Friday- ^^^liams POV^^^^

I was in the last class of the day when I got to sit by Aubrey. I sat down with my books and got everything I needed spread out neatly on my desk.

****after class, 5:00 at night

I adjusted my tie and walked down the stairs getting in the car with my parents. When we arrived and my dad talked to the lady up front. My mom turned around to me and smiled at me sweetly. Uh-oh.

"Um honey, we can't have the connected tables like we wanted and the parents wanted to talk, is it okay if Aubrey sits with you at a separate table", she asked.

"Um sure", I said.


Once we got our food I continued talking about what I was trying to get at before the waitress came. I clawed my throat.

"So, Aubrey...I was maybe wondering, if um", I said looking at her in the eyes. She nodded looking at me with her pretty hazel eyes.

"If you wanted to go to the masquerade with me next Saturday, you know maybe just as friends, if you don't want to that's totally-"

She laid her hand over mine and squeezed it for reassurance.

"If love to go with your date", she said.

A/N: this is obviously a shorter chapter but I'm gonna probably be updating tomorrow, so bye. Xx, Brooke

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