One Direction. Worldwide band with a loyal fandom. About a week ago their most recent tour 'Take Me Home' ended. These five boys are on a break and are all going to attend a very private academy near London. Aubrey. The nerdy girl in the back of the classroom who is always reading. She gets the unfortunate news of Harry returning. Her world is turned upside down. Past becomes present. The unexpected happens. Will they get through it all?


3. A week of school (part 1)

A/N: This is gonna be a different chapter just to show what basically happens during this week to Aubrey, Harry, and Liam (;

Monday- ^^^Harrys POV^^^

Gosh, chemistry is so fucking boring.

"Brittany! Late again", the teacher yells. I heard a dog whistle from the back of the room.

"Nice new cheer skirt Brit", one of the tools from the back of the room called out.

"Is this your seat new boy?", Brittany asked. I turned around on my stool, and checked her out. She sat next to me and looked at me curiously.

"Um...ya", I answered. She smiled friendly.

"You can sit at my lunch table with me", she whispered leaning towards me.

"I um", scratched the back of my neck,"have some other people to sit with, but I'll ask them", I smiled. She winked and nodded understandingly. I pulled out my iPhone, turned down the screen brightness and texted the guys asking them if I could sit with Brittany. They all said they didn't mind. I shrugged and gave her a thumbs up. She grinned.

***at lunch***

I walked into the lunch line, getting bored when I spotted a blond head that I've known for my whole life. Aubrey. I sighed. Let's face it I'm not getting her back since the accident.


I was currently ready for the moment of my life. This is it. The moment that could make me or break me as a boxer. Although, I wasn't being cheered on by my beautiful girlfriend, she was cheering for her brother, Jesse, also known as my opponent. He was so much bigger then me and always bullied me in middle school plus freshman year, he still teases me. After the bell dinged we weren't fighting just yet.

"Ready pretty boy?", I asked.

He growled. "Are you sure for this little prick? Come on take a swing little douche bag!", he taunted. So I did, well tried. He took me down. Jesse won the first round. And the second. We were currently in the middle of the last round. Not like I'm going to win at this point. Then he said it.

"You're going to lose this and my sister because she only likes you for fame and your face. You should just face it, your a tool and she will never love you", he whispered. I got up, and pounded his face. I broke every rule possible. I kept throwing punches, and kicked a few times when I started choking him. Finally when he went unconscious, people had to pry me off him and I smiled. I looked over at Aubrey and I was finally proud of myself. She was bawling and I saw paramedics coming in with a stretcher and that's when I realized I didn't just hurt him. I found out later that day I put Aubrey's brother in a coma. She broke up with me. I got sued. My mom wouldn't even look at me. That's when my life fell apart. A few months later the Take Me Home tour started and I left that town. I left her.

Tuesday- ^^^Aubrey's POV^^^

I hit my alarm and got out of bed. Ugh Tuesday, oh well, better than a Monday. Yesterday was great though, Liam gave me his number and we texted for 3 hours straight. I found out that he's a genuine man and very funny. I went and walked into my bathroom, then washed my face, put on some face lotion. Next, I brushed my teeth, and slipping on my favorite big nerdy glasses. I brushed out all the tangles in my hair, then just put my long hair into a side braid. I pulled out my foundation, mineral powder, eyelash curler, mascara, and blush then applied all of that. Finally, I went over to my closet and picked out the essentials: kind of ripped skinny jeans, my gray 'motavator' sweater, a white beanie with little studs around the edge, combat boots, and a plain heart necklace. After putting on my outfit it was 5:50 and I still had a little over an hour to linger around the house.

I made my way downstairs and I saw my mom drinking her coffee quietly and my dad also making his bagel contently. When my mom saw me she smiled.

"Morning honey!", she greeted and pointed at the coffee maker,"fresh coffee".

"Oooh! Thanks mum", I grinned. She nodded and my dad looked over at me.

"Morning hun", he exclaimed.

"Morning dad", I said,"you guys seem to be in a good mood. Anything you'd like to tell me", I said looking back and forth between them. They exchanged looks and sighed.

"Oh nothing. Liam's mum just called to tell us something", my mom stated in a singy songy voice. I huffed and rolled my eyes.

"Whatever", I said. They've been acting weird since Friday when Liam was over. I can't wait till the Saturday after the upcoming Saturday, it's the masquerade ball. (A/N: hint hint (; )

Just then my phone beeped. I opened it up and smiled.

Liam- hey beautiful, good morning :-) XX

Me- hi Liam, Goodmorningxx

Liam- and what are you up to?XX

Me- about to head to school, what about you?xx

Liam- eating, about to leave, and talking to a gorgeous girl (; XX

Me- whose that? I'd love to meet herxx

Liam- oh she's great, you know...blond hair, hazel eyes...BIG NERDY GLASSES XX

Me- hey! To let you know they are very comfortable and I love themxx

Liam- I know, I know. You make them look good. Um, do you wanna ride to school? We could carpool :-) XX

Me- um I guess, thanks. And btw stop with those creepy smiley faces, they're weird

Liam- they are more realistic than yours :-P

Me- nerd

Liam- whatever meet you in five, love XX

I smiled and locked the screen of my phone and said goodbye to my parents. I grabbed a mint, because nobody likes coffee breath, then put on my pea-coat and slipped my bag over my shoulder. I opened the front door then skipped down the driveway and patiently waited for Liam. I heard a horn and kind of jumped and I heard a loud chuckle over the engine. I waved to Liam, and got in the passenger seat.

"Hi", I grinned.

"Hello lovely", Liam smiled back. He pulled out of the driveway and saw my parents through the window smirking and my mum winked.

"Oh my gosh", I mumbled under my breath. I guess Liam saw because he looked over at me and rose an eyebrow.

"My parents have been suspicious since Friday and my mum said you're mum called this morning?", I questioned.

"Oh um", Liam blushed and looked ahead on the road,"must be about next Friday or something". Or something? Gosh, I'm so confused. I shrugged it off, I'll know soon enough. I heard the radio a little bit.

"Ooh! This is my jam!", I yelled. Liam looked puzzled then turned it up and a dumb smile plastered across his face.

"This is our song Midnight Memories", he laughed.

"What? I love it", I said singing along. When we finally arrived at school, Liam parked and some girls started crowding around the car.

"Bye! Thanks", I said but got muffled out by the girls screams. I looked down, and got out quietly, walking over to my favorite tree. I slumped down and began to read my book, when somebody cleared their throat. I looked up at Grace and smiled.

"Hey", I fake smiled.

"Hey bae! What's wrong", she asked sitting next to me with a concerned look on her face. I pointed over at Liam's car. She frowned and leaned in for a hug.

"It's okay, it comes with the fame", she said. I sighed and pulled away.

"It's fine, I'll just have to get used to it", I smiled. Just then as on que the bell rang. I rushed in surprisingly before the sea of students. I went to my locker and went to my homeroom.

*****after lunch*****

I pushed my glasses up to the bridge of my nose and headed to my next class. It's my favorite: advanced literature. I sat down and soon Liam arrived. Niall was also in this class along with ugh, may I say the dreaded Harry. Once the bell rang for the start of class, the teacher, Mrs. Galloway walked in. I felt my phone vibrate.

You look hot in those skinny jeans babexx~~Harry

Me-really? Fuck off

I huffed and locked my screen and slipped my phone back in my pocket. Mrs. Galloway finally finished ruffling papers around for some random reason.

"Class", she spoke,"today there is a new kid arriving today and he starts with this class and I want you all to be welcoming". I heard a few squeals and a bunch of girls whispering. Just to be ignorant, I leaned over to Liam because he sat next to me.

"Hey Liam!", I shout whispered,"OMG what if he's totes cute?" I put on a fake smile and looked around and glared at all the annoying girls. They shut up and most of the boys laughed. Well it teaches you right. The teacher even let out a giggle and soon enough a very tall boy with dark hair walked in.

"Everyone! This is josh!", she grinned. She pointed at the seat on the other side of me. Your serious. He actually did look hot, I will admit that. He sat his books down and the teacher started the lesson. I felt a pair of eyes on me and I looked around. Harry. And josh. I gave Harry the middle finger when the teacher wasn't looking and he chuckled. I turned to Josh and gave him a warm friendly smile. He smiled back and slipped a note to me. "Hi" it read. I wrote "hey" and passed it back. "What's your name?", I replied with "Aubrey" and he said "that's a very pretty name" and I blushed and didn't pass any back just because I was being a goody two shoes.

When the class ended I headed for geometry when Josh stopped me.

"Hey", he said.

"Uh hi", I smiled.

"Do you know where geometry is?", he asked. I laughed and told him to follow me.

"I unfortunately have this class too. I mean not because you're in here, it's because.. I'm so-"

"Hey it's okay. Chill, love", he smiled. I asked the teacher to get a drink since the principals won't allow water bottles in the winter for some unknown reason.

When I bent over to get a drink I felt somebody slap my bum. I yelped and stood up straight, looking behind me.

"Harry you ass!", I yelled and shoved him.

"Not my fault you're a little whore bending over like that", he smirked starting a fight.

"You douche", I yelled and some people were crowding around us.

"Slut", he taunted and slapped me in the face. I screeched in pain.

"TOOL", I screamed and something snapped inside him and he pinned me up against the wall choking me.

"Like to say that again darling", he asked.

"MR. STYLES! PRINCIPLES OFFICE, NOW!", a teacher boomed at him. He flicked him off and let his arms down. By now everyone was watching me, and some girls ran up to me trying to hug me, but I ran. I pushed through the crowd, and ran outside. I slammed the door behind me and ran down to a brick wall and slid down to the ground. I put my head in my hands and cried. I heard the door open, but didn't look up. I felt warm arms wrap around me and pick me up.

I looked up at Liam cried into his chest. He had to walk through the crowd of students and soon we were in the nurses. He didn't let me down. He just sat in a chair, with me in his arms while the nurse got some ice. She handed it to Liam and he softly pressed it to my cheeks.

"Thanks", I sniffled. He just stroked my hair and whispered in my ear 'it's okay. Everything's alright'. I sighed and soon fell asleep.

****2 hours later****

I woke up in a bed that was in the nurses office. Liam was gone and I frowned.

"Oh good, your awake. Hi Aubrey", she smiled sincerely.

"Hello, um Miss Fitz, not trying to be weird, but do you have face wash or make up remover?", I shyly asked. "I uh kinda cried and I had makeup on and-" she handed me a little bottle of makeup remover pads.

"Your the best", I grinned.

"Oh and this", she handed me a makeup bag.

I shook my head. "No! It's okay, I will-

"I insist", she gave me a friendly smile and I decided to not fight it. I went down the hall into the staffs women's bathroom, which I shouldn't be in, but hey. I took off my makeup and started reapplying everything when a toilet flushed. I froze. Mrs. Galloway walked out and looked at me and she had a worried look on her face. She washed her hands real quick and walked over to me.

"Awe honey, I'm so sorry for what happened. I heard", she hugged me. I whispered thanks. She left and I finished up, then went back to the nurses and she informed me the counselor and principle wanted to see me. I walked in the room and saw the counselor, the principle, the assistant principle, harry, Harry's mom, robin(Harry's stepdad), my mom, and my dad. I hesitated a bit, but took the empty seat across from him and next to my mom. His gaze never left me.

"So where do we start?", my principle cleared her throat,"so Harry inappropriately touched Aubrey. Aubrey called him an ass, then he called you a whore, then she said douche, then harry called her a slut then slapped Aubrey. Then Aubrey finished with tool and what happened there? Mr. styles what in your right mind tells you it's ok to choke a girl? Especially Aubrey here? What happened?"

Everyone's eyes except me were on harry waiting for an answer. Silence.

"Harry?", the counselor asked.

"Well, um. Fuck. Well, about a year ago I had put Jesse, Aubrey's asshole brother in a fucking coma by accident, I just wanted to win. See he said I was a tool and said Aubrey never loved me, never will so I tried my hardest to win and see where that got me", he spoke up looking at me the whole time. I finally lifted my head out of my mums grip she had me in. I stared into his emerald green eyes, just getting lost in them.

"Don't bring him into this", I growled warning him.

"Oops, I already did", he sarcastically stated.

"Well either way, you have a out of school suspension for the rest of the week", the principle declared. I smirked. He just got out of his chair before everyone else and slammed the door.

"FUCK THIS SCHOOL!", I heard him yell. I saw Anne walking over to me and Robin. Anne gave me a huge hug.

"I'm really sorry for what happened, I'm so sorry", she whispered in my ear comforting me.

"It's okay Mrs. Styles", I said.

"No it's not honey and please call me Anne", she said pulling away and smiling.

"Well anyways, thank you", I politely replied. I hate harry but his parents are so nice. Robin walked up to me and we did our secret handshake.

"I'm sorry", he said hugging me then following Anne out of the door.

"Mom, I'll be fine driving home, I'll see you at home", I said leaving the room and walking down to the front door when I was stopped by someone.

"I'm sorry, and I hope you feel better", Liam hugged me and I smiled before walking to my car. I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home. What a fucking long day.

A/N: so that's the first part of the week. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be a little shorter just because Aubrey's took forever. So I hope you all have a happy new year, love you all :)

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