Fake yet Real

Louis Tomlinson has been falling behind the rest of the band for awhile now and management is enjoying it as much as he. To get the people back on his side, they introduce him to Skylar, an innocent, exemplary young girl like him, forcing them into an unwanted relationship. Louis isn't too delighted with this, and surprisingly neither is Skylar. Over time, a sensation that Louis hasn't felt for some extent has returned. Is he willing to release them?


1. Chapter One - Heartbreak


"Come out Lou.." I heard Harry sigh, on the other side of the door. I refused to answer or even listen, they don't know what it's like to have a broken heart. To have the one person you love most, walk out on you when it gets hard. The last few weeks I've been in my room, moping around and hoping Carly will come knocking on my door.

(( A.N: he's never met Eleanor. I like her but its just a story. I personally love elouner)) but that day has yet to come, she broke up with me because of the Hate. I knew it was going to die down a bit, but she didn't listen. My fans were just over protective, Carly didn't wear appropriate cloths often. She looked kind of.. Trashy?

But my heart doesn't let me choose who I want, my heart chose her. At first, I was disgusted with her but I've grown to like her. Now I can't help but feel this empty feeling inside of me, where she once was. Maybe it was the fact, she made me feel loved. But was it really love? she seemed distant the last few days of our relationship. I kind of know why my fans weren't too fond of her dating me, she acted suspicious quite often.

"Earth to Lou" Harry's voice snapped me from my inner thoughts. I sighed, leaning back on my bed. I was sitting up, just staring at the door but I decided to lay down. I took out my phone, and logged on twitter to see a million mentions pop up. One mention popped out to me most.

@Hayley_Rivers: @Louis_Tomlinson

I miss the old Lou, the prankster. How does it feel that you guys ruined his relationship? Ill always respect your decision Lou. Even if it isn't the best. (Pretend there's enough characters)

I smiled, and decided to reply. I know I'm not talking, but I can reply to fans. It doesn't include talking now, does it?

@Louis_Tomlinson: @Hayley_Rivers , I'm still the same me.. And I love you for respecting my decision even if its not best for me. X

I smiled, as I re read the tweet and sent it. I followed her and tweeted, before I finally shut my phone off and went to bed.

@Louis_Tomlinson: you guys are the best, I've read some mentions and they are amazing. I love you guys x


I woke up to banging on the door, I groaned softy and buried my face deeper in the pillow. Soon the banging disappeared and the smell of bacon filled my nostrils. I smiled to myself and hopped out of bed, walking over to the door and opened it a crack. There on the mini table by my door was a plate filled with food. Bacon, eggs- scratch that; bacon, cheese eggs and toast.

I quickly and quietly grabbed the plate and shut the door behind me. I put the plate on the nearest dresser and got my cloths ready to take a shower. I turned the faucet and waited for the right temperature. Stepping in as droplets of water hit my hair, face and back. After I washed my hair, and body I got out.

I got dressed in my red pants, and stripped shirt with suspenders, I looked in the mirror before walking out. I grabbed my plate, and went to my bed sitting down. I ate my breakfast, and damn it was good. Whoever made this could cook, I finished it up and set the plate on the night stand next to my bed. I laid down after eating and drifted off to bed. I was tired, and whats there to do if i'm not coming out of my room?

Authors note; how ya like?

Longer chapter will be coming soon.

~ Justine x

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