Lost And Found

Damiah, a 17 year old girl has been kidnapped and was sent to England from her abusive step father.She has been living on the streets ever sense she was 8. Harry, A young boy,was Damiah's friend tries to find out where her father had sent her.Will harry ever find Damiah?What will happen next?read more to find out.


5. Pleased To Meet You

                  I walked downstairs  with the Irish boys hand in mine.When we got to the living room , I saw four boys around the Irish boys age.Once the boys saw me enter the room they stood up to introduce themselves.I sat down on the couch as the blonde Irish boy headed to the back of the line.


                  The first boy stepped forward. He had shaggy brown hair and green eyes."I-I-I'm Liam, Liam Payne."He said."I'm pleased to meet you Liam."I said smiling. Liam walked over to the couch and sat down.The next boy stepped forward.You could tell he was the cheeky one .He had Green eyes and curly brown hair. And these dimples that caught my eye."Hi I'M HARRY."He practically yelled."Hey Harry."I said giggling. He was so familiar.Do I know him.The next boy had suspenders with a cute smile."Hello, I'm a I'm L-o-u-i-s."He spelled. "Lou for short."he said in a funny voice."Hey Lou"I said."Vas Happen'. I'm Zayn."He said.Last but not least the Irish boy looked at me and said"Hey I'm Niall."Pleased to actually   meet you Niall."I said.

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