Lost And Found

Damiah, a 17 year old girl has been kidnapped and was sent to England from her abusive step father.She has been living on the streets ever sense she was 8. Harry, A young boy,was Damiah's friend tries to find out where her father had sent her.Will harry ever find Damiah?What will happen next?read more to find out.


12. A Second Chance

                                                             (Nialls' POV) 


          "Do you know the girl you hit?"The judge asked me."No sir I didn't see her face."I answered."Ok, I sentence you to three months doing community service for Damiah  Felixs'  injury.."I interrupted him,"Damiah! Oh No not Damiah!"I said panicking. " and  you'll have to pay the $5,000 medical bill from the hospital for the accident. Court dismissed."The judge said annoyed since I interrupted him. All of a sudden Lou ran into the room with a worried look on his face. "Niall it's.."He trailed off."Damiah."I said my face white with shock. Lou walked up to me. "Is she ok?"I asked him."Yeah Harry brought her home with him cause he didn't want her to get even more hurt. He won't let her out of sight."Lou answered."But yeah shes fine."Lou said. "Shes happier then ever actually." He said whispering in my ear."Why?"I said confused."Because Harry won't let her out of his sight and that means..."Lou trailed off. I looked at him saying 'go on' with my eyes."She gets to stay with him 24-7."Lou smiled."I fake smiled at him.



                             (Miahs'  POV)


    "So Niall hit me?"I said after hearing the whole story."I'm afraid so."Danielle said looking at the floor."But hey look at the bright side we don't have to pay for the bills!"Harry said smiling."And you get to stay here."he said putting his arm  around me.



               (Nialls POV)


       I went in to Harrys flat to see Miah. "Hey Harry can I talk to Miah?"I asked. Harry was sitting on the side of the bed that Miah was laying in. "Um, sure." Harry answered. "Thanks mate." I said walking into the room as Harry waited outside in the hall way. " Miah are you all right?" I asked her. Miah smiled. "Never better." She giggled. "Um, ok I just wanted to say i'm sorry for hitting you."I said looking down. "Hey it's ok. I'm still here and alive that is all that matters. Plus I've had worse, with my dad and all. Plus I get to spend more time with Harry and the boys."I smiled at her. "Oh and I forgive you, even though it wasn't your fault." Thanks Miah." I told her getting up to leave. "Oh and these are for you." I said putting flowers on the night stand."Thank you Niall."she said smiling. "Yup" I said in the doorway. 






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