For Them

Harry Potter and his wife Vivian Potter. Their children Vanity and Henry who are twins are going to Hogwarts. But Bellatrix comes back to be worse than Voldemort and rule the world. When Henry sends a letter to Harry about what has been happening about Hogwarts , Harry comes to protect his kids!


2. Leaving

              Harry Potter and his children and wife were all at the train station saying there "Goodbyes" and "I love you." Henry, Harry's son was very nervous to leave. "Alright Henry, you have everything?" Asked Harry Potter with his hands on Henry's shoulder. "Yes, dad" Henry said putting his head down. "Hey, you have an owl to send me anything you need to." "It's not that, I  just hope I get in a good house like  you." " You will, sorting hat judges you by your mind and what's inside of it. And you my son have a great one." " You think so." "I know so." Harry took his hand off of Henry and turned around to see Vivian and Vanity rushing through the crowd of people. 

  "Dad, can you go through with me." Asked Henry. "Yes," Harry ran through the wall with Henry and through it was the wizard train station. Vivian and Vanity came in right after them. "You guys ready to go?" Vivian asked patting Henry on his back. "Mom!  There is Aunt Hermonie and Uncle Ronald, yelled Vanity running up to Hermonie and Ronald giving them a hug. "Well, hey there Vanity" said Hermonie hugging Vanity harder. "Your cousins are already in the train" said Ronald. "Bye mom, bye dad" Henry and Vanity yelled at the same time waving to their parents. 

  "They grow up right before your eyes," said Ronald standing behind Hermonie with there younger son. "Yeah, yeah they do," Harry said wrapping his arm around Vivian. "Vivian and Harry! me and Ron thought it would be nice if you had dinner with us," "Well what do you think?" Asked Vivian tugging Harry. "Brilliant, I think it's brilliant,"

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