the secret circle

Cassie Blake was a normal 13 year old girl that is until the day her life was thrown up in the air and ripped to pieces. Two years after the accident Cassie is now 15 and going to live with her mother and grandmother in a little town called Chance Harbor. What will happen when Cassie meets 11 strange teens her own age and they tell her about her ancestors? What will she do when she meets her real father? Add in the sister she never knew she had and Cassie has some trouble brewing... Cassie starts to wonder two things 1) What other secrets is her mother keeping from her and 2) Who can she trust when nothing else seems right in the life she once thought was perfect? Keep reading to find out.


4. chapter 4


Cassie's POV
I woke to the sound of low talking and an annoying beeping noise. I opened my eyes and glanced around seeing Diana Melanie Deborah Suzan and Laurel standing around my bed. "where am I?" I asked not able to recall recent events. "You don't remember Cassie?" Diana asked. "maybe. you guys came with me to help unpack my stuff then mom came home and started hitting me and someone pulled her off me and I think Diana had greed me and told me I'd be alright." I say recalling everything that had happened that I could remember. Diana breathed a sigh of relief and said " your not going to stay with your mom anymore my dad has agreed to let you come live with me okay?" I shook my head not knowing what eels to say I looked down and whispered "thank you guys for saving me my mom probably would have killed me if you guys hadn't gotten her off me or had just stood there and watched." Deborah spoke up startling me "I will never let anyone hurt or touch you again I promise cassie I couldn't save you from your mom in the beginning but I will save you from yourself." she finished looking down at my wrists I mumbled a thanks before Suzan told me to get some rest and that I could be discharged in a few days. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing I didn't have to go home to my mom anymore and that I had friends who were going to save me and protect me. I fell asleep thinking about my step dad for the tenth time this week.

A/N sorry I haven't updated for awhile both my grandparents are really sick and I've been spending my weekends with them to help take care of them. plus I myself have been dealing with some personal issues. I need some ideas for what should happen next comment to let me know what you think should happen.

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