the secret circle

Cassie Blake was a normal 13 year old girl that is until the day her life was thrown up in the air and ripped to pieces. Two years after the accident Cassie is now 15 and going to live with her mother and grandmother in a little town called Chance Harbor. What will happen when Cassie meets 11 strange teens her own age and they tell her about her ancestors? What will she do when she meets her real father? Add in the sister she never knew she had and Cassie has some trouble brewing... Cassie starts to wonder two things 1) What other secrets is her mother keeping from her and 2) Who can she trust when nothing else seems right in the life she once thought was perfect? Keep reading to find out.


3. chapter 3

about an hour later while Cassie and her friends were finishing unpacking things in Cassie's room Cassie herd a car pull in the drive. "Shit." Cassie mumbled. "is that your mom Cassie?" Sean asked " I think so." she whispered. "Cassie where the hell are you. I know your here you aren't at the beach so I know your here. get down here so we can talk." "Cassie don't." Diana whispered. "I have to if I don't I'll just make things worse for me tomorrow. y'all can get out the back door I'll meet you guys over Diana's house okay." "please be careful Cassie okay." Deborah said. "I'll try." Cassie said and headed downstairs. "what do you want mom?" Cassie asked ask politely as she could. " get your miserable ass over here." Her mother snapped. "Okay I'm coming." Cassie stopped just in front of her mom. Her mom reached out and grabbed her shirt forcing Cassie to move closer to her. she reached up and smacked Cassie in the face then shoved her away from her. After Cassie was on the ground her mom kicked her in the chest and stomach. Cassie curled into a ball on the floor trying to protect her self. "Stop it!" Cassie herd someone yell "Bitch I told you not to tell anyone or it would get a lot worse. "I...I...I...I didn't tell them I s...s..swear I d...d..didn't say a w...w...w...word." Cassie stuttered. Cassie's mom kicked a few more times and then two arms wrapped around her mother's waist pulling her away from Cassie. "I swear you ever fucking touch her again we will call the police." Cassie heard someone say but couldn't be to sure who it was because everything was getting black. The last thing Cassie remembered before completely blacking out was hearing and feeling someone grab her and say "Everything's going to be alright Cassie. We're here we're going to protect you I promise." Diana said at least that's who Cassie thought had said it.

A/N sorry i havent updated for a while schools been keeping me ocupid. sorry its so short not a lot of time when im free if you have any ideas for this story message me cuase i have major writters block thanks.

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