the secret circle

Cassie Blake was a normal 13 year old girl that is until the day her life was thrown up in the air and ripped to pieces. Two years after the accident Cassie is now 15 and going to live with her mother and grandmother in a little town called Chance Harbor. What will happen when Cassie meets 11 strange teens her own age and they tell her about her ancestors? What will she do when she meets her real father? Add in the sister she never knew she had and Cassie has some trouble brewing... Cassie starts to wonder two things 1) What other secrets is her mother keeping from her and 2) Who can she trust when nothing else seems right in the life she once thought was perfect? Keep reading to find out.


2. chapter 2

 "why do I have to go. this is fucked up you know." Cassie says bitterly. " watch your language missy. and you have to go because I want you to meet all the kids in this neighborhood."Cassie's mother says in a matter-of fact tone. "whatever mom." Cassie says and gets out of the car. a girl about Cassie's age walks over "hi my name is Diana. you must be Cassie Blake right." " Yeah I'm Cassie but my other friend form California just called me cass so either ones fine with me." "Okay let me introduce you to my other friends. guys this is Cassie Blake she's new around here and since my mom knows her mom she thought it was a good idea to have her come down to the beach with us if that's okay with you guys. Cassie this is Adam Nick Laurel Melanie Deborah Suzan Chris Doug their twins by the way and Sean I don't know if Faye is coming." " I sure hope not shed try to make Cassie leave before she's even actually met us yet." Deborah said." so what brings you to Chance Harbor." Adam asks. "Adam I don't..." " wow it's only been five minutes and I've already made ten friends that's a new record for me and anyway it's fine Diana. I'll tell you guys why my mom moved us here. it's because my step-father supposedly committed suicide but I don't think that's what happened I think something went wrong at his job and someone killed him but it gave my mom closure and well I'm not allowed to talk about him at all so I've given up all hope that my step father really did care about me and my mom." " Oh wow I'm sorry I didn't know that was your past if I had known I wouldn't have asked." Adam says sympathy in his eyes. by now Cassie had tears running down her face and as she turned to walk away and go home someone grabbed her and turned her around. " You are not going home not untill you have had some fun." Diana said." we are your friends now okay. we want you to be happy so that's what we're going to do make you happy." " You got your swimsuit on cuz were going to go swimming in the ocean." Nick asked he's got a slight accent but I can't tell where it's from maybe England no that can't be where he's from oh well Cassie thought to herself and shook her head yes at Nick. Oh no what am I gonna do they are going to see my scars and I'm a lot thinner then them Cassie thought to her self I know I'll tell them that I don't feel like going swimming. "Guys I don't really..." "Come on Cass please for me?" Diana begged and looked at Cassie with puppy dog eyes that she just couldn't say no to. "Fine. but you guys are not going to like what you see though." Cassie said taking a deep breath. Cassie pulled her shirt up over her head revealing the camo bikini top and the scars on her arms and the ones inflected by year's of abuse. "Cassie what why do you have all these scars do you self harm if you do I'm gonna help you and I think everyone else here will to right guys" Diana said though it was clear she was fighting to hold back tears as. everyone shook their heads yes but Cassie said " Guys it's not all from me it's not all from me self harming some of its from the abuse I got and still get." " Who hits you Cassie?" " It just depends on where I'm at and who I'm with no offense to you guys but I feel safe but I don't entirely feel safe if that means anything." Cassie said. " So you were bullied in school?" Nick asked. " Yeah I still am that's one of the reasons why I'm here hopefully my life won't be a living he'll like it was in California." " We will make sure no one bothers you what's you schedule?" Melanie asked and Cassie pulls it out "Guys she has all her classes with us and Faye." "Awesome not even here a day and I already need to watch my back." Cassie mumbled before following the others into the water. "Hey Cassie they girls and I are staying over Diana's house tonight wanna come with us?" Cassie wasted no time answering Melanie. "Yeah I would love to? Before we go over there do y'all wanna come over to my place and help me unpack a little bit my mom and I could sure use the help if ya wanna come over." "Yeah!" they all said at once. "Okay well I've got to go if you wanna come with now but you guys can come over later." "We'll come over now." Laurel said. " Okay come on." they all started walking up the to the road that would lead them back to Cassie's house. 

"At Home" 

They got to Cassie's driveway and saw that Cassie's mom wasn't home. " shit she's already left to go to some bar wonder when she'll get home." Cassie tried to mumble low so no one herd her but Diana and Deborah did. Cassie does your mom do this a lot." "do what a lot Diana?" Cassie.asked trying to play dumb it wasn't working."Cassie you know exactly what Diana mean's does you mom go out and get drunk a lot" "Yeah." Cassie says looking down. "Does she hit you?" Suzan asked softly. Cassie didn't say anything she just looked down. "Cassie we're your friends if something is going on here between your mom and you if she's hitting you it needs to be stopped. we don't want anything to happen to you Cassie we love you." Suzan said. Cassie just continued to stare at the ground Diana stepped forward and put her arm around Cassie's shoulders. "Cassie please we don't want to see you suffering." Cassie nodded her head yes and then said " airs not all the time some days I get a break but most of the time she beats the white out of me and says that it' fault my real dad left and my fault my. step dad died." Cassie tried to say more but the tears running down her face made it so she couldn't speak. "You are definitely staying with the girls and I tonight." Diana says comforting Cassie everyone else stands there looking around. "I can't. someone needs to be home so when my mom gets back she doesn't flip out." "No Cassie you are not staying here when your mom's drunk." "but..." "No buts Cassie you are staying with us at least tonight then you can come back tomorrow morning okay it's just to make sure your safe." " Okay but can you guys help me unpack a little bit before my mom gets home." Cassie asks timidly. "Yeah sure no problem let's go." Diana says.






a/n. Hey guys what do think so far. sorry I haven't updated for a while I have major writers block so if y'all have any ideas for me put them in the comments. thanks.

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