It's Always Been You. (Larry Fanfiction)

Louis and I have been secretly dating for about a year now. I’ve loved him since the first sight of him. I needed to be with him. Every time we kiss , I’m just reassured that I love him a lot.

The boys know of course. We could never keep a secret , like this , away from them. The one who knew it all along the MOST was Zayn. With his mysterious powers , he figured it all out before the others.

The thing that still hurts me the most is that Louis is actually still with Eleanor.

Stupid Management. He hates it with her. I know he wants to be with me more. I know it. She’s a nice girl and all , but I want Lou all to myself.

I hate the way they have to act in public just to keep Management satisfied.

Somehow we are still holding on strong. They can’t break us apart no matter what they try to do. We will stay strong and fight if we have to.

I won’t lose Louis.


2. Only Us

--Harry's POV--

"Louis? Lou? Where are you? I have something to tell you."
I walk all around the flat trying to find Louis.

I find him standing in front of a mirror, in his room. Checking out his bum. Oh, Lou. 
Perfect time to go squeeze it, huh?

I quickly run up behind him and squeezed his bum. He squealed a little. He is just so adorable.

"Cheeky little Harreh. So, you had something to tell me?" He asked.

"Hehe. Oh yes. I uh wanted to take you out somewhere..someday soon."

"Like a date? Harry..." Louis stopped.

"I know. It's kind of risky, but I have everything planned out. Just please, Louis. I've been wanting to take you out, for a while now. You've been so busy with Eleanor lately. I just want to make you happy." I ranted.

" sounds wonderful and all, but I'm don't know. Is this really smart? With the paps being loose and Management always on our asses. Should we wait a little longer?" Louis explained.

"But I can't ... Lou--"

"Harry...please? Can we wait just a bit?"

"Oh. Okay. Fine." I couldn't fight the tears. A tear started to form in my eye. I quickly turned away and bolted to our room.

"Oh...Haz..." Louis said quietly.

I feel so embarrassed. Why can't this be easier. I mean, why cant we just come out already. He's always out with Eleanor. I'm always left behind. Alone. I hate Management with a burning passion.

Louis doesn't know about my self harm. I've been doing it since him and El started dating. I've been doing my best to hide it. But each day I can feel him just staring and observing me.

This is horrible. I know he loves me, but some days I just think he would rather be away from me. All I wanted to do was take him out. It's all I ask. It's all I really want.

I just want us and only us, to be together.

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