The Summer Before-Harry Styles

Sophie was just your average normal everyday girl. During summer '09 she visited Holmes Chapel. There she met a amazing boy name Harry Styles. They immediately hit it off but why will happen when Sophie has to leave? Will their love die or become even stronger?


4. Chapter 4

Sophie's POV

I ran across the soft sand and hopped into the water, the water splashing all around me.

I turned around to see Harry running over to where I was standing, his curly hair flopping around. He was damn cute.

Harry ran into the water and jumped in as well, just missing hitting me by a foot.

We messed around a bit. 

Harry chased me around the beach, getting weird looks from a few people. Hey we were having fun! 

"So um" Harry began awkwardly. 

"Yeah?" I asked. 

"T-there's a b-b-bonfire tonight and I was w-wondering if you would like to come with me?" Harry stuttered nervously. 

"I mean if not, um that's totally alright." He continued. 

"Harry!" I screamed. "are you crazy?"

"I guess that's a no?"he pouted. 

"No! I will definitely come with you!" I cried. "Thank you for asking! 

Harry smiled like a goof. I hugged him tightly making butterflies appear in my stomach. He hugged me back. 

He walked away. 

I could've sworn he muttered under his breath 'I love you' 


Harry's POV

I can't believe she said yes. Yay! I wonder what tonight will be like. 

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