Forever Isn't Over Yet.

Allison and Harry were like bees and honey, they did everything together until Harry left for The X-Factor. Allison was proud of him and was there for his audition, but two years later he forgot.... and Allison remembered. Every time someone talks about One Direction Allison loses it.


2. The News.

This chapter was written by the co-author, horanshearts.


I took the two mocha frappucinos and sat down next to Harry.

"What's the important news?" I asked.

"Well, it not the best news, but me and my buddies from "The White Eskimos" decided to split up, and I'm going to audition for The X-Factor." He announced.

"Well, are we going to see each other?" I ask on the verge of tears.

I don't know why he's doing this to me. I can't believe this, I love him. 

"Well.. um kinda, n-n-n-no not really." Harry said fast. 

"But, I-I-I I love you." I stuttered. 

"I love you too. but this is what I have to do."

"What's going to happen to us? If you become famous, will you even remember me?" I asked. 

"I will always remember you and I will love you forever." He said.

He came up to me and kissed me on the lips passionately. The kiss lasted about seven seconds. 

"I will never forget you, you're my one and only true love." He said.

"Do you want to head back to my place and watch a movie?" I suggested.

Harry nodded and we left in my Audi. 


We arrived at my place. We stepped out of my car and walked in my house. I sat on the couch and Harry put in The Titanic into the DVD player. He sat down next to me. We sat there together until I fell asleep on his shoulder....


(Harry's POV)


She fell asleep on my shoulder. I couldn't help staring at her, she looked so beautiful while she was sleeping. I'm going to miss her. 


After the movie finished


The movie was over. I slowly put her head onto the couch. I had to leave so I could prepare for my X-Factor audition tomorrow. I got into the car and left her house. 


I arrived at my house with Gemma running outside, greeting me with a hug saying, "Are you ready for the audition?"

"Well, yes and no. I have to leave Ali behind." I told her.

"Look, I know it's hard but everything will be okay." Gemma said.

I walked into the house and went to my room. I sat down in my bed and took out my phone. I texted Ali what time my audition was and where it was at. 

I went to sleep singing 'Isn't She Lovely?' 


I woke up tomorrow, ready for a long day.


Sorry, this was a short chapter AGAIN. I hope you like it, though. :D


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