Forever Isn't Over Yet.

Allison and Harry were like bees and honey, they did everything together until Harry left for The X-Factor. Allison was proud of him and was there for his audition, but two years later he forgot.... and Allison remembered. Every time someone talks about One Direction Allison loses it.


1. First Day of Summer.

I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of my cell phone. 

"Shit, I forgot to turn off my alarm." I said to my self, wondering why.

I looked at my phone and I got a text message from Harry. It read; 

Harry: Hey Al ;)

Me: Hey Haz ;)

Harry: Do you want to go to Starbucks later? ;)

Me: Sure, what time? :)

Harry: How about around 11:00? :]

Me: Sure, see you soon :)

I got ready. I looked for a cute outfit to wear and this is what I found: with some blue jeans. I got in the shower, when I got out I straightened my hair and put it in a messy bun. Then, I put on some mascara and some lip gloss with my black and white vans. 

I got in my Audi and I drove to Starbucks. When I got there, I pulled out my phone and texted Harry.

Me: Hey, Haz I'm already here ;)

Harry: Sorry, I'm running a little late, be there in 5 :/

Me: It's okay, what do you want?

Harry: I want a mocha frappucino if that's okay :)

Me: Alright, see you soon 

Harry: Bye

Me: Bye

I went to the cashier and ordered a two mocha frappucinos and I sat down waiting. Then, Harry walked in and I ran to him and gave him a tight hug. 

"I missed you." Harry said.

"I missed you too." I said.

"I have some important news to tell you."

"Oh, what is it?" I asked. 

"I'll tell you in a second he just called your name." 

I went to get the mocha frappucino and went and sat down. 


Sorry it's a short chapter, this is the first one it'll get better okay people. Love you, keep on reading. :)

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