Forever Isn't Over Yet.

Allison and Harry were like bees and honey, they did everything together until Harry left for The X-Factor. Allison was proud of him and was there for his audition, but two years later he forgot.... and Allison remembered. Every time someone talks about One Direction Allison loses it.


3. Audtions.

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     (Harry's POV)


      I woke up to the sound of my alarm, I got out the bed feeling lazy until i remembered i had my X-Factor auditions  today. I got excited until I remembered i had to leave my one and only true love behind. I got out my phone and started to text Ali while i started to get ready.




(Allison POV)


I looked at the text that harry sent me I got no sleep what so ever last night because i was to busy thinking about harry.

From Harry<3: Hey babe


To Harry<3: Hey Haz what you doing??:/

I wondered if he even CARED that i was going to pee in my pants because he was leaving me.


From Harry<3: Nothing much preparing for the audition before I leave you want to head by Starbucks. :) :)


To Harry<3: Sure sounds fun is 11 a.m okay.


From Harry<3 : Sure see you soon... :D




When I got there i took out my phone and started playing candy crush i just got to 158 when Harry came.

(Harry POV)


When i got there she was playing on her I - phone until her beautiful brown eyes looked up at me. I didn't want to lose her. But I had to hold back my feelings for her.

"Hey Hazza." she said i saw her once beautiful brown eyes become very sad. She started crying till I ran up to her and gave her a hug. I cradled her in my arms like she was my own I loved her so much and nothing would change that. Unfortunately I started crying to until we sat there sobbing nonstop while everyone at Starbucks was looking at like freaks. (I couldn't blame them, we were ugly when we cried.

When it was my turn to go up I turned around and looked into the brown eyes and kissed her. I kissed her the way I would kiss my mom if she was dieing or my dog before her last heartbeat I kissed her like I would never see her again in my life. 

"Remember I will love you forever." i said in a slow tune.

"I know." she said

"I love you too.."

That all i heard cause by then I was already on stage.


I walked up on stage answered the questions and sang with all my heart I made through most of X-Factor until me Liam.Niall,Louis,Zayn were put into one of the best groups that you ever heard we became number one everywhere but just not in one person's heart who doeskin think I still love Ali if I knew where see was I would find her but I haven't seen those eyes in forever.



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