Forever and Always-Louis Tomlinson

Kinley Alexis is your normal average everyday girl. It has always been that way until a gorgeous boy name Louis Tomlinson moves in next to her. They immediately friends but they soon realize they have developed feelings for each other. Like all relationships, they have their ups and downs. Will they make it through all this or will they remain friends forever?


8. Home

2 weeks later


Kinley’s POV


I woke up with a start. Will technically sorta different. I actually woke up.


Like I could actually see everything around me.


I took in my surroundings.


I’m in a hospital room.


‘Will no shit, Sherlock’ I thought to myself.


I wasn’t the only person in the room though. Louis was here.


He had his head in his hands. Guess he didn’t notice i was awake quite yet…


I fake coughed very loudly.


He jumped. Like legit jumped.


I held in my laughter.


When he saw me sitting up in bed, he looked astonished.


His face changed quickly. From astonished to scared to happy.


He grinned and ran over to me. I smiled broadly.


I hugged him, tightly.


“Should we call the doctor?” Louis asked, still smiling like the Cheshire cat.


“Sure” I chuckled.


Louis went over to press the button.


Like 10 seconds later, they were in my room. Wow. It’s like they were waiting outside my door…That’s just creepy.


When they walked in and saw me awake, they smiled too.


They just checked up on me and stuff and told me we could leave in a bit.


Louis and I were left alone for a bit so i asked him a few questions.


“So…” I began


Louis looked at me, questioningly.


I continued “How long have I been out for?”


He hesitated, “A bit over 2 weeks.”


“And you’ve been here the whole 2 weeks?” I questioned.


He shrugged “Eh. Mostly, I guess”


I playfully slapped him “You did not have to wait here. Go home and get some rest. Jesus”


He laughed “No. I’m good here”


I sighed and rolled my eyes. Stubborn little boy.


“I am NOT stubborn” he laughed.


It’s like he could read my mind.


“I can’t read your mind”




“Oh my gosh, Kinley! You’re talking out loud for gods sake!”


I mentally face palmed myself.


“Oh” I blushed.


“Awwwww. Your so cute when you blush” He chuckled.


“Shut it, Tommo. Your cheeky side is showing” I sassed.


Louis gasped and held his hand over his heart like he had been hurt deeply. “I would never”


We both laughed.


Unfortunately, my parents barged into the room. I love them but they can be quite, erm, what’s the word? Clingy I guess.


They began firing questions at me.


Things like: “Honey, are you alright?” “How are you feeling” “When did you wake up?” and etc.


I sighed. I began answering. “Yes Dad, I’m alright and I’m feeling great. I just woke up” and etc.


Louis even started looking bored.


Finally, after like 1000000 hours, the doctor came in and told us we could leave. My parents signed some forms and stuff and we drove home.




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