Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


9. chapter 9

I think it was about midnight when I heard Lloyd's front door bang about ten times, I had lost the charge on my phone, and Lloyd had got bored very quickly, so I was sitting here in my bra and knickers, with bruises on my arms and legs, that were to big to explain. When I heard voices from outside the flat, I thought it was someone next door, Lloyd checked to see whether my door was locked, then walked to the front door. He opened it slowly to see what was going on, then I heard it. "WHERE IS SHE!!!" I heard someone scream, then I heard screeches coming from outside my door, "You can't just beat me up inside my own flat!!!" Lloyd said, I grabbed my phone and looked in the mirror, my mascara had run from where I had been crying earlier and i looked looked awful, as did my bruises. The door opened and I saw Zayn in the middle of punching Lloyd across the jaw, then I caught Harry looking for the lights. He flicked them on and saw me standing in the doorway. He strode over to me and shakily ran his fingers over my bruises and cuts. His eyes flashed a look of pure hatred as he turned around lightly pushed Zayn out of the way, "HOW THE HELL COULD YOU DO THAT TO HER, DON'T YOU EVER EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, OTHERWISE I'LL KILL YOU, GOT IT MATE???" Harry shouted, it was scary, I had never seen him like this, he was seriously loud and the way he was lifting Lloyd of off the floor by his shirt collar was scary alone. Harry kicked him about 4 times before punching him in the head, knocking him unconscious. He walked over to me, picked me up and cradled me in his arms, then he took me to the car followed quietly by Zayn.

When Harry stood up out of the car, still carrying me, he wrapped his arms round me to keep away the cold. "Hazza.." I whined, leaning my face deeper into his neck. "I know I know baby, just hang on" He soothed, "We'll get your cuts cleaned up and give you some clothes okay?" I nodded into his messed up hair and closed my eyes, happy to have someone to carry me. I heard the door in front of us open, and Harry stepped inside, "Ohmygod Chris your okay, I feel so guilty for leaving you like that!" Liam rushed, I smirked into Harry's neck "Liam don't worry it's not your fault, I should have realised he would do that.." Harry took me into the living room and set me on the couch, grabbing a blanket and gently tucking it around me. "You don't have to stay up, you can go to bed if you want to." I shook my head, I was tired, but not in the mood for sleeping right now, to many things to have nightmares about. I saw Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Eleanor and Stace come in, of course Stacey would come running over to me and fuss, "Chrissy, what happened, oh god, I'm so sorry for not coming with you..." she said making about a thousand hand gestures a minute. I laughed half heartedly, and Niall came and put his arms round Stacey's waist trying to calm her down. "Babe, lets just stay quiet yeah? Chris has probably got a massive headache right now" he pulled Stacey over to the other couch and motioned for her to sit down next to him. When Harry came back into the room he had a damp cloth and a box of plasters, he was being so sweet, it was like he could be two different people if he wanted to, Loud and scary one moment, quiet and romantic the other. "Okay, if you want we can do this in my room or-" "Haz i am fine" I smiled weakly and he sat down next to me quietly. I squirmed as he began to clean up the cuts that had stayed with me from the beginning with Lloyd.

I woke up with a blistering headache and dressed only in one of Harrys shirts and my underwear. I wandered slowly downstairs, everything hurt, literally everything. Just as I got to the top of the stairs, my head started spinning, I grabbed the stair rail. Then I felt myself start to fall, when someone caught me from behind "God, careful!" I regained my strength after about two minutes, the person still holding me up from my waist. "Sorry..I...I just felt a little dizzy.." I turned me around to face the person who had probably saved me a broken leg, Niall. "Hey you okay babe? You don't look very well" he put his palm to my forehead, "I-I need to see Harry is he here?" I asked ignoring his question. "Yeah he's in the kitchen, I'll take you down there" he led me down the stairs and into the kitchen where Harry had his back turned facing the cooker. "Mate you gotta look after this one..." Niall said leaving me in the middle of the kitchen, then walking to stand next to Harry. They whispered something to each other quickly and Harry lifted something out of his pocket, then turned around to look at me, smiled and shoved whatever he was holding back in his pocket. Niall laughed and walked out of the kitchen "Hope you get better Chris..." as he went past. I stood there, quietly as Harry started over towards me, looking at me up and down,taking in my appearance. I closed my eyes and felt his arms find their way around my tiny waist, then he kissed me lightly, almost as if he was scared to. He pulled back but left his breath lingering on my lips just a second after. "Do you feel okay baby?" he asked me with a confused look on his face, "I'm fine I just got a bit scared waking up alone, I thought...I thought..-" "Babe trust me I'm not letting that man anywhere near you" I smiled, "Alright then, I'm going to go home and get changed, can you drive me?" I put my hand around his neck and played with his curls that were pushed back with a bright blue bandana. "Sure thing" We walked out and got into the car, to be honest I didn't really care that all I was wearing was Harry's tee and my underwear. "Oh I was thinking, since I haven't really been out in a while, do ya wanna go out late? Ya know to a club?" Harry smirked at the steering wheel. "You? A club? Really? I always thought you weren't that kind of person...but yeah if your up to it sure, I'll ask the boys to come and Eleanor and you can ask Stacey"

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