Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


8. chapter 8

When i woke up the next morning, i flipped over and searched for Harry on the other side of the bed, but all i found were cold sheets. i threw off the covers, padded out of the room and downstairs towards the kitchen. When i passed by the living room, i heard voices. "i am her uncle and i have every right to take her with me!" a voice i knew to well shouted. Then i heard Harry reply "How do i know your telling the truth?". i walked into the room and saw the face of the man who had tortured me for over 3 weeks. He grinned evilly when he saw me, i went over to Harry and sat down, i looked into his green eyes and when he knew something wasn't right from the way i was acting he said "Actually, no. i don't trust you, who are you?" Harry stared at the man sitting opposite him. "Come on Chris you love me right? your dear uncle Max just wants to spend some time with you..." He said in a fake family voice as if he was my most favourite person in the world. i snarled at him, "Just leave, i never want to see you again" i got up and went to the front door. Just as he walked passed, he breathed heavily and whispered in my ear "Don't think your getting away that easy...i'm not finished with you yet" after that he walked out the door and to his car, going slowly to make sure he was winding me up.

"Who the bloody hell was that?" Harry shouted at me when we had got into the kitchen. "I'm-I .. look if you wanna know, them i'm going to have to tell you the whole story" I whimpered, Harry looked annoyed for a second then it was gone and he was walking over to me and wrapping his arms around me tightly. "I love you" he said softly, nuzzling his face into my long messed up brown hair. "I love you too baby". When Harry let go of me, I told him that I needed to shower and get changed. He gave me a towel and some of his sister Gemma's clothes and showed me his bathroom. I laughed at an idea that came into my head when Harry was telling me how to turn on the shower. "I know what your thinking Chrissy" He chuckled, I quickly stated that I wasn't thinking about anything, but he just smiled, took my hand and led me towards the shower. I must have looked confused because he let go of my hand and told me to go get in. I figured he was just waiting outside for me as he went back to where the hallway where his bedroom and bathroom linked. I got undressed and stepped in, letting the hot water fall over my face and soak my hair through. A minute later, I heard the shower door open and he walked in putting his hands on my waist carefully.

"You look so small and fragile...." he leant down and pulled my hair from my face and my shoulders, and let it slide down onto my back. Then he whispered "And beautiful" I giggled. "Thank god you can't see my face!" I said between laughs as he rubbed my shoulders. "Um uh why?"Harry asked, as he dropped his arms to his side and stepped backwards. "So you can't see how bright red my face is... I'm so didn't have to do this if you didn't want to ya know." I said putting my face in my hands. Harry turned me around and pulled me into a hug, "Are you kidding? I can't actually believe you wanted to, I thought I was just a dirty minded freak...." I broke away and looked at him. He had a look of excitement on his face and his curls were pulled back from the water. "Your so handsome" I said linking his hand with one of mine, then resting my other on his chest.

While we was getting dressed, Harry asked me if it was okay for the boys to come round. So it wasn't a big surprise when I heard loud shouts and laughing coming through the front door later that day. "Oi, oi getting a bit cosy are we?" I recognised Liam's voice shout from the kitchen, I didn't know who he was talking to. I stepped down the stairs and walked into the kitchen to see Liam and Zayn sitting on the table Louis standing near the fridge with another girl and Niall with Stacey, I had completely forgot they were sleeping in the guest room last night. "So you guys get up to anything last night" I said to Niall and Stace, who looked just about inseparable. Stacey's cheeks reddened as she looked up to Niall, "Ah, might have, she's a pretty girl she is" He said in his Irish accent. Stacey giggled and put her head down on his chest, "You and Harry get up to anything this morning?" She said winking at me. Niall just laughed "Yeah something like that.." I answered quickly. "Where's Harry Chris?" Zayn asked smiling, "Um I dunno, i'll go find him, he might be upstairs.." I said walking out of the room. "Haz??" I shouted up to his room. "I'm coming, I'm coming hold o-" Harry shouted back, just as he tripped down the stairs. "Ohmygod are you alright???" I gasped when he landed in a heap at my feet. He just laughed and that cheeky grin was looking back at me. "I'm fine Chrissy, can you uh help me up please?" I smiled and grabbed his hand to try and pull him to his feet, but instead he just took me down with him, so we ended up with me laughing uncontrollably on top of him, I was trying to catch my breath when I realised he couldn't, "God sorry!" I jumped up, and let Harry get back to his feet beside me. "Come on nutter" he said rolling his eyes playfully, putting his arm round my shoulder and taking me into the kitchen. "Hey guys we need some food, I'm starving" Louis said raiding the fridge. "God Lou don't be so greedy!" The girl I had never met before said. I laughed at Louis' face when she shut the fridge door. "So what's your name?" I asked her. "Eleanor, I'm Lou's girlfriend." I hugged her politely, "Cool, nice to meet ya" I thought about the food and decided I was starving too. "I think I'm going to go get some food from Tesco, can someone drive me?" I asked the boys. "Sure I'll take ya since I just got my new car and i'm very hungry." Liam said as he got up and grabbed his car keys. I kissed Harry goodbye and followed Liam out towards the car.

~~Skip car ride~~

"So I'm gonna go this direction and you go that direction and we can meet in the middle, grab anything you want" Liam said to me as he walked through the doors of tescos. "Sure thing" I agreed. We walked separate ways, and then after about ten minutes I looked behind me, I swore quietly. I was being followed. "Oh great, nice one Chris" I said to myself as I pulled up my hood and walked around grabbing things trying to get unnoticed. "Sorry Chrissy, little bit to late this time" a voice spoke into my ear as a hand covered my mouth and another held my hands behind my back. "Your coming with me, and this time your precious little boyfriend Harry ain't gonna be there to save ya" I screamed into his hand, but nobody heard me . I kicked him and spat into his hand, trying anything to escape but I was to weak to try hard enough. He dragged me out of the doors, making it look like I was supposed to be with him so as not to attract any attention from anyone. Then when nobody was watching he shoved me into a van and sped off. About half an hour later he pulled me out of the van and up the stairs into a small flat. Then he pushed me into a small box room, grinned then shut the door. On the other side I heard a key turn, "Don't think your getting out this time, because your not. " he shouted through the wood. I sat there sobbing, not knowing what Harry or Liam would think. Then I remembered I had brought my phone. I texted Harry the address that I thought this was, since, I had been here for three weeks, and not let out once.

Surely he had to know what I meant, it was the only way I was getting out of here. Soon the man, best known as Lloyd Sellers, would get bored of me, then start torturing me like he had before. Harry had to get here.

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