Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


6. chapter 6

It took us about an hour to get to Harry's house, and I think I was starting to annoy Stacey. "Chrissy you look amazing so shut up!" I rolled my eyes still not really believing her and we sat listening to the radio the rest of the way. When we pulled up I gasped, "Ohmygod....this is his house??" Stacey said looking surprised as I nodded before stepping out of the car and walking up to the front door. Stacey got out and skipped over to stand next to me in her heels. "Good luck" she said looking at me before the door opened and a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes smiled at us. "Oh hey! Your um Christa and Stacey....Haz they're here!!" He shouted in a thick Irish accent to Harry who a few seconds later appeared next to the blonde boy, and grinned "Hey Chrissy, alright Stace?" Harry said as he grabbed my hand and lead me inside. He pulled me into the living room where the three other boys sat, one had brown hair and deep brown eyes that could make you melt in a second, another had black hair and was leaning against the couch lazily. The last one was wearing a stripy shirt and had suspenders on, he also had a gleam in his eyes when my eyes met his gaze. "Hey, my name is Louis" The stripes guy said cheekily as he came behind me and snaked his arms round my waist, "Your pretty" he whispered in my ear. "Um thanks?" I replied not knowing what to say. Harry pushed Louis away, "Louis.." he growled, taking my hand and pulling me over to the couch. All four of the others burst out laughing as Harry sat down, "Mate calm down I was just messing with ya" Louis said between laughs, "You shoulda seen his face!" The boy with the blonde hair sitting with Stace howled with laughter. "Oh shut up you git" Harry mumbled to Louis, causing the boys to crack up laughing again. "I'm Zayn" the boy with the black hair said to me casually. "Alright I'm Liam nice to meet ya" The boy with the nice brown eyes said, "Hey babe I'm Niall" the blonde Irish guy said, then shocked me by hugging me tightly. "He's a hugger" Harry said laughing at Niall who still had his arms round me.

I giggled at all of them and stood up, then giggled harder when Harry tugged me backwards and I fell back into his lap, him tickling me until I couldn't breath. "Haz! Harry!!! I- I can't- I can't....breathhhh!" I screamed, Harry chuckled but he didn't let me up like I thought he would, instead he wound his arms round my waist like Louis had done earlier. With him it felt completely different to how it had felt when Louis had done it, my heart pounded in my chest. I caught Stacey's eye and she laughed out loud at me, causing all the boys to fall silent and give her confused looks. "Uh sorry, just something Chris said earlier" she giggled. "Your cute when you laugh" Niall said to Stacey. She immediately turned bright red, got up, and dragged me out of the room announcing that we needed to go to the bathroom. She stood outside the door to the living room and started stage whispering at me "Did you hear what he said!! OMG OMG I'm freaking out right now" we stood there giggling, then heard the boys talking in the living room. "You really like her don't you mate" I heard one of the boys say, I think it was Zayn. "Well ya know, she gets me like nobody else does...." I heard Harry say. Stacey's eyes went wide and I had to put my hand over her mouth so the guys wouldn't hear her screaming. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back in after she had calmed down. "Umm Chrissy can you come with me a sec?" Harry asked me, standing up. "Uh um sure?" I quickly followed him as he strode out of the room and took me to where I recognised was his bedroom. He walked in and shut the door behind me, "So what's up?" I asked as he sat on the edge of the bed with his face in his hands. "Okay, well Chrissy I know we've only known each other for a week but I really really wanted to say that...." I walked over and sat next to him, "It's fine just tell me" Harry turned round and looked into my eyes. Once again those amazing eyes bore into mine, making it hard to speak. "I love you Christa, do you wanna be my girlfriend?" I smiled at him, figuring that it couldn't hurt since Harry was the nicest guy ever and I always felt different around him. I nodded then all of a sudden his arms tugged me closer and he leaned forward grazing his lips against mine. Oh hell that was amazing.

"Can u please just tell me why your always so sad?" His eyes searched mine with so much sympathy it hurt.

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