Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


5. chapter 5

A week after I had slept round Harry's house, I noticed that not talking wasn't really his thing. He was making it very hard for me to avoid him when all he kept doing was speaking to me every single day. Suddenly I'd had enough and decided that he wasn't going to me leave alone, "What! What do you want?" I hissed, after him saying my name about 6 times in a row. He looked shocked, it might have came out a little harsher than I planned it to. "I'm sorry Haz...." I walked over towards him a bit, rested my hand on is arm and looked up into his eyes. God those eyes make it harder and harder to talk to him. "It's fine, I get it, I just wanted to ask if you wanted to come round tomorrow and meet my friends? They kinda want to see ya..." He smiled at me willingly, "Oh uh okay, can Stace come to?" I asked hoping he'd say yes because I couldn't handle an afternoon with Harry and his mates, I'd die. "Course!"

With anyone else, I felt awkward and self-concious, but with Harry, it was so much different. Confidence came to me naturally and I didn't stutter as much when I was in front of him. A lot lately I'd caught him looking at me, then smiling and turning around when I met his gaze. He was so much different to every other boy i'd met, they just didn't get me. That night when Stacey came round to pick me up to go to Harry's, she goes "um I hate to break it to ya Chrissy but we don't know where he actually lives..." I laughed then realised it was true. Even though I had been round his house, I didn't know the directions or where it really was. "Oh crap your right, lemme text him" turning my phone on and unlocking the screen. I typed a message to Harry asking him for directions to his house, I'd only got his number the other day when he'd dropped me off after I'd slept round his house. "Do I look okay? I mean what am I supposed to wear to this kinda thing?" I started panicking and Stacey laughed "Why are you so worried? I thought you said you didn't really think he was important?" I just thought for a minute then wondered out loud "well, I guess he's not that bad, his gorgeous and he understands me like nobody else apart from you does..." she squealed. "You have a thing for him don't you? Ohmygod Chris this is hugeeee!" I giggled thinking it wouldn't be so bad. "Stacey Hicks if you say one thing to anybody, including him, I will send you-" "to my impossible doom yes I know.." she rolled her eyes and dragged me out to the car. "Where we going sista?" she said pretending to be all gangster, I looked at my phone smiling and read the text from Harry: Westrow drive?" I said nervously, knowing that I'd have to face him tonight knowing that I liked him. Won't that be fun. "Oh I know where that it is, my aunt lives there." Stacey said eagerly turning the car around and out of the drive.

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