Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


4. chapter 4

As soon as Harry opened the door and stepped inside his house, I felt the warmth of the radiators, causing a shiver to pass through me. The lights were off in every single room, making me cling to Harry's arm as he lowered me down out of his arms until my feet were on the floor again. "Come on babe let's get you upstairs" he said softly, placing his hand on the small of my back and guiding me towards the stairs. I observed his house as we walked through many rooms, very big, very white and very neat. When we finally got to a room at the end of a hallway, Harry opened the door and I walked through into a room which was completely the opposite to all the others. "Uh sorry for the mess and everything, it's just I'm not much of a tidy person" he said, looking all embarrassed as he re-adjusted his hair, for about the 4th time since we'd been in the house. "No, no it's fine, I'm like that to.." I wispered, making him laugh, "I'll just go and get a pair of my sisters Pjs for you" he said heading out of the door. I walked round to the far side of the bed and sat down, then I pulled out my phone and scrolled through about 12 text messages and 5 missed calls from Stacey, most of them consisting of her typing in capitals: 'WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IM WORRIED SICK TEXT ME' I sighed, typing back: ' I'm fine, I'm spending the night round Harry's he found me' a few seconds after I pressed send, she replied: ' No way, you what?! ' I giggled thinking of how her eyes probably went wide at the thought of me and Harry sharing a bed together for the night. "Well, they will probably fit but I dunno..." Harry started as he came through the doorway in front of me and tossed me a pair of pajama shorts and a tee, I stood up and Harry pointed towards the bathroom "You can change in there love it's fine" in that proper British accent that made me giggle again. "Okay thanks" I said as I went into change.

When I came back into the bedroom again, Harry was under the covers with his eyes shut, but I knew he wasn't sleeping because of the way his eyes flickered every now and then. I pulled the covers back a tiny bit on my side of the bed, and lay down. As soon as Harry felt me get into the bed, he shuffled closer towards me and put his arms round my waist, which made me squirm a bit, remembering that the last time someone did this to me, it was just the beginning of my worst kept secret. I got a bit more comfortable with the fact that Harry had his arms round me, it actually made me feel safe. Then, I realised. The only thing Harry was wearing was boxers. His warm chest was up against my back and his legs were tangled with mine, I didn't really mind it. I fell asleep after that and started having flashbacks of him, his voice, his face, his sick compliments and what he did to me. I sat up sweating, not knowing where I really was, then remembered I was at Harry's house and looked over at the sleeping boy next to me. I suddenly started to cry loudly for what reason I don't actually know but I did. Harry sat up, "Chrissy you okay? What's the matter babe?" His accent filled my ears as he cuddled me and laid me back down with his arms still around my shoulders, "It was happening. Happening all over again. I can't...I just..I just can't.." I managed to say in between sobs. A flash of hate came into Harry's eyes as he started to become serious. "What was happening Chris?" he asked sternly before pushing the hair on my face behind my ear, "I can't tell you" I said quielty. I couldn't tell him, I couldn't tell Stace either, otherwise he would find out and then I would be taken there again and they would never let me out. They would lock the door and throw away the key...forever this time....

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