Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


3. Chapter 3

"What are you doing here?" I glared, panicking because the only people that called me Chrissy was my dad, my older brother Tobey and Stacey, the only people that cared. "Uh...well, I was thinking that maybe I could get to know you a bit, since were gonna be sitting next to each other all year, if you wanted I-I er I guess" he seemed nervous and there I was glaring at him the whole time by accident. Oh nice, if only I was a bit more sociable then this would have suited me just fine, but of course, I wasn't. "Sure" I said feeling the corners of my lips pull up slightly, why did I just say that? I couldn't really help thinking about how he seemed dangerous at the same time he was nervous around me, maybe he wasn't dangerous at all, maybe it was just my stupid imagination that was always making things even more complicated than they really was. How could I forget, how could I just let it slip my mind for a few seconds, what really happened to me, what messed up my life, my mind and my chances of ever feeling save with someone coming close to me. I then wondered why Stace and Harry were in front of me waving and snapping their fingers in my face. I had started to have an anxiety attack. "Just leave me alone, please, please just leave me alone!!" I ran out of the busy hallway and out into the pouring rain, hugging my jacket tighter around me to keep out the cold.

I walked for hours after that, not caring about the people staring at me probably thinking that I was a badass ditching school so early. Hahaha Chris get over youself. When it got dark, I started getting worked up, I haven't been out by myself in the dark since before what happened. I started running down roads, faster and faster, my heart beating and a bead of sweat dropping down the side of my face. "ooff" I heard after crashing into the strong arms of someone that I couldn't really see. "You okay there love?" stunned, I started crying, actually not crying, sobbing so hard it hurt. "Calm down, calm down babe what's your na...Chrissy?? Oh god, please tell me your okay, I have been looking for you for god knows how long and I have been so worried!" It was Harry, I leaned into him gently as he rubbed my back, trying desperately to sooth me. "Look, come round my house for the night, no ones home I promise and I'll drive you back to yours tomorrow morning" I looked up at him and laughed. He smiled "what? what did I say?....oh right I didn't I didnt mean it like ya know, I just meant its so late and and I dont want you getting any colder than you are and-" I cut him off by hugging him tightly. "Thanks..... Haz" he cracked up laughing, picked me up and walked me down the road towards his house.

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