Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


2. Chapter 2

"Oh er..hi" I stood there awkwardly staring at him, not knowing what to do. He'd sat up straighter now, so I could see he had bracelets on both his wrists. I looked down at the floor. "Look love, I'm not gonna touch you or harrass you or anything, so don't worry..." he said with his hands up either side of him with an amused look plastered on his face. I breathed out not realising I had been holding my breath for so long, and not really knowing what to say so I sat down instead and just gave him a fake smile. "Oh and uh erm my names Harry" that rusky voice was back again as he looked back at his work smirking to himself. " What are you smiling so much about?" I asked quickly, thinking he was laughing about how much of a screw up I am. He laughed as he looked up then saw how serious I was and stopped laughing, "Nothing! Nothing..what's your name?" Harry asked me giving me a cheeky grin, which wasn't flirting but was what I gathered he did a lot, so ignored it. "Why should I tell you? I don't know you or anything" suddenly annoyed that he thought he could just say or do whatever he wanted to just get a reaction out of somone. "Well, because I told you my name and that is normally what people do when the become partners with someone in a lesson for the whole year?" Then I realised that obviously now I was sat next to this boy, he would have to be my partner for the whole of this year, in english, a subject that I really didn't mind that much. But of course that was going to change. "Oh..uh names Christa" I said quietly and he chuckled.

I got out of English as fast as I possibly could and went to find Stacey, who ten minutes later I found standing next to my locker waiting for me. She went all wide eyed when she saw me and started pacing up and down in front of my locker, then, she starts. "I cannot believeeee you Chris!" I must have looked confused because she carries on, "A lot of people have been telling me about the new kid, his name's Harry Styles and people in your english class keep coming up to me and saying that apparently you had an ACTUAL conversation with him!!" I just shrugged "Yeah and hows an ACTUAL conversation important?" I said mimiking her voice. "Becauase he wouldn't speak to anyone he was partners with in first period or before school this morning?" Great just great, the new boy comes to a school and decides that out of all the cool and good looking girls, he wants to keep talking to me? I look at Stacey who is now having a meltdown right in front of me, then she just stands there with her hand over her mouth. I turn around thinking someone has cracked a joke and Stace feels sorry for me, ahah nope, no where near. He's there, towering above me, and grinning like a little kid. "Hello Chrissy"

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