Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


17. chapter 17

~~Christa's POV~~

He was nervous, I could tell that much. But he was being sweet, and I could see that he wanted to make me feel at home, fussing over me like i was the newborn child in the house. He hadn't put Alice down once though, I knew he was scared of doing something wrong but the way he did things with her was like he'd had a child long before her and was doing a second time round. "Okay so, i asked my mum and my sister to help chuck all the stuff I wouldn't need anymore to make room for us in my bedroom, but my mum said that it would take ages, so she decided that we take the room upstairs on the third floor instead..." he trailed off and smiled unsurely, he knew that I hadn't seen this room, I don't know why was he smiled and looking back at me as he lifted me out of my wheelchair and carried me up the stairs towards a large wooden door. Kicking it with his foot, Harry pushed it open slightly and then turned around to push it further with his back. "Okay, so you might not like it but-" I interrupted him with a noise that was meant to around excited. "I...its just..." Now it was Anne's turn to interrupt from behind us, not that I even knew she was right there. "Beautiful..." Obviously finishing my stuttered making of a sentence. Harry carried me in further and then laid me down on the queen size bed sitting in the far end of the room, next to it I noticed a cot, which then set me off in a panic. "W-where is Alice?" I whispered hurriedly, trying to move my legs off of the bed but immediately stopped when shocks flew through threw through them. "She's fine love, Gemma has her and I think the lads were supposed to be coming round soon, so they might be with her too" Harry soothed as he strode over to me quickly, scanning my legs with his deep green eyes.

As soon as we had got all of my moving boxes up to the third floor, we came back down the stairs, well Harry came down the stairs and carried me as well. When I was sat back into my wheelchair, Harry pushed me forwards and into the living room where I saw my daughter in Louis' arms giggling up into his face. "Hey Chris how you doing now?" Liam asked as he stood up and walked over, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear when he finally reached me. I laughed softly, my throat was allowing me to go further and further with speech, even if it was just few days after the operation. Harry glared at Liam as he continued his hello by reaching down and kissing me on the forehead lightly, "I hope your okay, me and the lads have been really worried, so has Stace, Niall's had to sleep next to her for about a week..because she would cry herself to sleep at night" my eyes went wide with shock and then became grateful as he straightened back up again. He kind of just stood there smiling at me, I wasn't sure what he was doing but Harry made it clear that he'd had enough. "Paws off mate..she's mine" he growled under his breath so only Liam and I could hear. Liam's lips tugged up into a smirk and I couldn't help it anymore, I burst out laughing, the loudest I have in what seems like forever. "What?! Why are you laughing?! This isn't even funny!!" Harry was confused and frustrated as he tried to get his head around the joke but still wasn't getting it. I had caught on a few seconds after Harry had told Liam to back off, realising Liam had come over to try and get Harry jealous. "Hazza mate I was only joking with that, I would never flirt with your gorgeous girlfriend..." Liam said before chuckling as he went to sit back down again. Harry had loosened up a bit but was still tense from Liam's last two words.

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