Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


15. chapter 15

~~Harry's P.O.V~~

"Christa Hart- room 334?" I asked as I finally reached the front desk.

"Are you a relative?" The lady looking at me through the glasses sitting on the tip of her nose.

"No I'm her boyfriend.."

"Well I'm sorry but I can't let you in-"

"Oh! Harry! Dearest I need to speak with you for a moment, follow me! Margret, this boy is to be let in at all times okay?" Sue was now already walking down the corridor, shouting back her last words at the receptionist, "Harry keep up! We have important things to discuss!" I didn't hesitate to stride towards her, then let my step fall into rhythm with hers. "So, as you know Christa was not given enough blood after her emergency operation, which led to pain in her wounds and the start of heart failure." She explained using her hands to gesture wildly in the air in front of her, I closed my eyes and clenched my fists, I was getting angry at myself for letting the tears fall down my cheeks, and I think Sue realised this. "Look Harry it's okay to cry love, but Christa needs you to be strong for her sake, it's not like she can do a lot by herself you know...that's what I wanted to talk about, seeing as her parents haven't come to the hospital even though they were notified about her current condition, you and Stacey are just about the only people who have stayed here more or less everyday to look after her and she will need that when she comes out of hospital" I was confused when she stopped because I understood that Christa needs me but I have know idea what Sue was getting to. "And..." was all I said, "You will have to live with her until she gets better, which will probably be a year, she has a case of depression and bad injuries, you will have to stay with her for a lot of the that alright with you? Because if it's not I can always ask Stacey and her mother?" I thought about christa and I living together for that long and I smiled, not because this was how she had to live with me, but because I would wake up to see her face every morning and hear her voice every night before I went to bed.

I opened the door and sat down on the crisp white sheets that were carefully laid across her frail body. She looked tired, but much less pale than she was before, which made my heart rise a little. She was staring at me, which would have been scary, had I not been used to it by now, and every day she was in recovery her eyes began to sparkle a little bit more and it made me feel like she was becoming her old self again. I heard the door open and close and then a gush of wind blow past me slightly, but I didn't break my gaze with her, it would just cause her to shut her eyes again, which I hated because it always made me think she was dying. "Okay! I have pizza, coke and some other crap I picked up in Tesco's too.." I laughed at Stacey's rushed voice and her scurrying around the hospital room trying to tidy up a bit, she was like a mother to Christa. "How are you Chrissy? You doing okay? I hope Harry is looking after you alright..." She said when she had plopped herself down into a small rocking chair beside the bed. Then Stacey looked up at me and smiled, she hasn't been that keen on me before now, but ever since I have been looking after Christa she has come to stand me a bit more. Stacey blames herself for Christa's state, and keeps saying that if she were to have checked the pregnancy test that she had given Chrissy, then maybe things wouldn't have been so bad. "Your going to take her back to your house then?" She suddenly said to me, "Yeah I guess, I mean she obviously can't do anything by herself, I'm up half the night anyway, and we have the baby. Although i'm really not sure how that's gonna work out if Christa can't do anything. The nurses have already put Alice on a bottle because of the way Christa is."

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