Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


13. chapter 13

~~Christa's POV~~

I woke feeling light headed and cold. Was I dead? I questioned this for a few minutes before I noticed my vision getting clearer, someone sat in a chair really close to the bed I was lying in. I weakly attempted to lift my hand out of the sheets covering my frail body, but something was weighing it down, I looked at my pale hand and saw that the person sitting next to me had their fingers laced with mine. When I looked back up I noticed the person had a mop of brown curly locks and piercing green eyes that were staring intently in my dull pale blue ones. Harry. My eyes widened and suddenly my cheeks were wet with tears. "Harry" I tried to talk but my voice merely came out as a whisper, my throat almost threatening to take away voice if I spoke another word. He stood up so that now he was standing towering over me, when I felt his fingers being drawn away from around mine I shuddered, the warmth left my hand and started to return to the temperature the rest of my body was. He reached out and cupped my cheek in his huge hand. "Baby, I promise I will never leave you again, that is the last time we are ever going to argue, I won't rest until your okay again." He replied softly, turning around to face the doorway, I just nodded. Somehow I knew that he felt sorry, he looked guilty as he looked to the floor then back up to connect our gaze. "I just need to let the nurse know your awake.." He said quickly stepping outside after smiling widely at me. I laughed to myself, thinking that he had probably been here the whole time and stayed with me until I finally woke up, I don't know how long it had been.

When the nurse came in with Harry behind her, she smiled heartily and walked over to check on me. She was quite old and the way she smiled gave me a sense of safety that I had never had in hospitals before. "Come on dear, I just have to check your wounds and then you can meet your little one. She's a bit weak but she's a fighter.. just like her mum I suppose" The nurse smiled when she finished her sentence, and at first I had no clue what she was talking about, the last couple of days have just been a blur in the back of my mind, but now it dawned on me, the baby, the cutting, the river, and my argument with Harry. I glanced at Harry quickly to see his reaction to what the nurse had just told me, I expected it to be bad, but he was grinning like a child, just the way he was when I first met him. "Could you be a doll and wait outside for me a second sweetie?" She said looking a Harry and motioning to the heavy wooden door in front of my bed. He fidgeted a bit before pulling it open and walking outside. "He's a keeper" She said to me nodding at the door, I smiled and nodded not wanting to talk in case it hurt me anymore, "Ya know, he has been here for days waiting for you to wake up, not left once. And he's the cutest with that baby of yours, I take it he is the dad?" I sighed and nodded again, although I always gathered it would be Harry who was the dad, I was still a bit unsure of whether it was definitely him, what if it was Lloyd? I kept my doubts to myself as she took back the plain crisp white sheet that was on top of me and asked me to stand up if I could. Slowly I sat up, then pulled my legs from the bed and twisted round so that my feet were touching the harshly cold floor. It hurt when I stood up, and I was scared to stay that way but she just went over pulled the curtains of the hospital room and pulled the gown over my head to reveal my scarred body. I looked down and started to cry, what had I done to myself, all this over one silly little mistake that had now changed my whole life. The nurse, who I now identified from her name tag was Sue, saw my tears and wiped them away carefully. "Don't cry sweet, you know it will only get better from here" She said to me with a loving smile, she reminded me of my grandmother quite a lot actually, so gentle and caring. Truth was, I knew people would say that, but I couldn't help thinking that everything will just pelt back down on top of me and I'll start bringing back out that tiny little knife that gave me the biggest scars I would ever get.

~~Harry's POV~~

When she slept she looked like an angel, so quiet and comfortable, not thinking about anything in the world. The first thing I noticed when I saw her was her eyes. They were the colour of the sea, my deep green mixed with Chrissy's blue-greys. It was amazing, to see someone lying there and knowing that she has a part of me in her. First, I was angry at Christa for not telling me at all that I was going to have a child, that didn't only belong to her but to me as well. I was furious, but as I started to think of all the reasons why she might not have told me, I became less angry and more and more upset, all by herself she had to deal with everything and not tell one person. As she lay there I was wondering about what we would name her, she was so beautiful I couldn't bare to look away for a single second, she looked so much like her mum. Sue, the nurse who was in charge of looking after Crissy came through the door of the nursery and told me I could bring the baby with me. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms tightly, scared that I might drop her. She immediately started to wail, her tiny fists waving in the air, I noticed she had my dimples, and laughed at how I could spot different things that were similar to me and Christa. Sue opened the door of the room and I walked through swaying slightly to keep the baby from crying again. Chris looked at me and held out her arms gingerly, as I lent down and placed the tiny infant against her in the bed. When she looked back up she had tears in her eyes again and whispered, "beautiful isn't she...what should we name her Haz?" I smiled, not remembering the last time she had called me that, and thinking about the list of names I had already thought of a million times before. "Alice?" She suddenly asked, snapping me away from my thoughts. "I love that, it suits her.." I laughed realising that that was Stacey's middle name. Christa laughed and a sudden look of shock passed onto her face, she leaned back into her pillow and screamed, I panicked not knowing what to do, I picked Alice up from Chrissy who was now writhing around in her bed trying to ease the pain that was shooting through her, I pulled open the door as I heard the beeping on her heart monitor get louder and faster. I shouted for Sue who was standing at the other end of the hallway, her head snapped up and her eyes widened when she saw, then she began running towards me, and told me to quickly take the baby to the nursery and get back here. She went in and came straight back out to call for other doctors and nurses. I was scared, but I had to stay calm and make sure I don't frighten the baby laying quietly in my arms.

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