Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


11. chapter 11

I looked at Stacey, then Niall, then back at Stacey again. Well....I didn't expect that. Stacey had a huge smile plastered on her face, and Niall looked worried, not knowing what she was going to say. "YES...OHMYGOD YES" she screamed as Niall laughed and slid the ring on to her finger, picked her up and twirled her around. I'd forgot that Harry was standing in the corner of the room quietly waiting. " wanna go back to mine now?" he said after congratulating Niall and giving him a man hug. I smiled and he took my hand leading me out the door and to the car. "Congrats Stace!" I shouted back to where they were still hugging. Harry took me back to his and ordered a pizza. I felt ridiculously hungry for someone who doesn't normally eat much. When we sat down on the living room floor to eat and watch the tv, Harry looked at me odd. "What?" I asked self consciously. "I just...I just don't know how your going to go into school and explain your cuts and bruises, I mean it still looks quite bad Chrissy" he said looking at me then down to the pizza box that was almost empty after me eating more than half of it. I scowled "Don't you think I have thought of that endlessly the past 2 days?" it was getting me aggravated that he paid so much attention to what other people would think. I suddenly felt sick, to sick to eat anymore, to sick to even look at anymore food. "Can you just drive me home please?" I said, my voice coming out harsher than I intended it to be. "Sure okay" Harry looked hurt but his expression quickly changed as he got up to go and find his keys.

It was four days after what had happened between Harry and I. He had been avoiding me all week at school and by now the comments and rumors were getting pretty extreme. All I wanted to do was sink through the floor every time someone looked at me. It was pissing me off that a lot of the rumors were so extreme they made no sense. 'Oh I heard Christa Hart was battered by here own brother' or 'She told me that she fell down escalators' or 'She looks like some phsyco that half killed herself'. Everything was to hard to handle, I mean most of the time I can deal with comments or rumors but people talking about me in front of me, that was something different. Something that hurt. I had been ill all week, violently chucking up one moment and craving food the next. I still managed to carry myself to school but it was getting worse, the sickness becoming more and more. When fifth period finally ended, I grabbed my bag, got outside and heaved into the bushes, after what seemed like ages, I stood up properly and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I turned around and noticed that people were staring with disgusted faces, looking at me like I chose to be ill or I chose for the cuts and bruises to happen. I started walking round the back of the school and out of the gates towards Stacey's house. She would help me. She would know why I was like this. I dug around for the spare key to Stacey's house she gave me for emergencies. I climbed the stairs and walked into her room. She looked up at me from the book she was reading and smiled, "What's up girl?" she hadn't been to school today because she told me she slept round Niall's and just couldn't be bothered. "I have been chucking up all week and craving every bloody food on the planet. Help me please?" I dropped my bad and plopped onto her bed. She looked at me confused for a minute then got up and walked into her bathroom. She returned holding a box, mumbling something to herself. When she threw it to me from the other side of the room I caught it and looked at what the unknown box was. Pregnancy test. No way am I pregnant. No way.

About an hour later I was staring at the white stick in my hands. Positive. I'm pregnant. With Harry's child.

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