Could it be him~Harry Styles

I didn't know whether he could help me or not, but he intrigued me, so I brought down my walls ...


10. chapter 10

When I got home, I realised that I had no way of explaining these bruises and scars to anyone, my dad and my brother would be at home and if Tobey sees me, he won't let me out again until he gets an explanation. I unlocked the front door using the key from underneath the mat in front of the door and stepped inside, my dad didn't really do the whole overprotective thing, he just asked me where I was going and told me to have a nice time. If I walked in and he saw my bruises, he'd probably just crack a joke about falling down a flight of stairs, then go back to watching tv. My brother was different, he acted a lot like an overprotective dad and if I ever told him, the he wouldn't let it go. "HELLO??" I shouted, checking to see whether anyone was home, when nobody answered, I ran up the stairs and into my room, slamming the door behind me. Then I turned on the shower, quickly texted Stacey, telling her to come round in about half and hour, then opened the shower door and got in. After 5 minutes of looking up and down my body, I started crying, thinking that no one could help me from what he had done to me. I leant against the cold shower tiles and let the tears slip down my eyes, not knowing how I was going to walk around school without covering both my arms and legs. When I felt a bit better, I turned off the water and got out, grabbing a towel and and wrapping it around myself.

"I am hereeeee!" Stacey screamed, I heard her walking up the stairs and she burst through my door. "So what's up?" she looked at me quizzically as she sat down on my bed "We are going to a club tonight with Eleanor and the guys.....I need to get drunk.." I said to her while brushing my hair through with my fingers. Stacey stared at me wide eyed like she always does when she's surprised. "Your kiddin right? I mean that freak could be there and I don't want you to get hurt!" she stood up and grabbed the curling iron, sat me in my desk chair and started to curl my hair lightly. "But.....I get need to get this out of your mind for a few hours.....oh and you never really told me what happened before you got kidnapped when you went tescos with Liam.." I sighed thinking that it was only fair to tell her, I had been putting it off this long. So I started right from the beginning when Lloyd had taken me from a club back in the summer holidays and locked me up for 3 weeks, using me to cater for his own special 'needs' whenever he wanted to. I told her about when he dragged me from tescos and into that flat again, then Harry and Zayn had come and beat him until he was laying unconscious on the floor. She had tears in her eyes when I stopped talking, she lent down and whispered into my ear "Your not alone baby girl, you have me, Harry and the boys, and even Eleanor to keep you from anything...I get it now.....I really do.."

We got ready and climbed into her car, and drove off. I was about to get drunk and nobody could stop me even if they tried. When we pulled up, I saw the boys and Eleanor waiting in the car park, i'm not sure what shocked me most, the fact that Zayn was leaning against a car holding a fag up to his mouth, or what Harry was wearing, black skinny jeans and a pale blue shirt that was done up until about 4 buttons from the top. . I walked over to them, Stacey following slowly behind me. I could see Harry and Niall trying to control themselves and look cool as me and Stacey walked up to them and pecked them on the lips. "Hope your up for this Styles..." I whispered in Harry's ear as he took my hand and led me inside. He smirked and I felt his hand tighten around mine. I could tell by the way his eyes darted around he was nervous about loosing me again. "Haz its fine don't worry" I tried to get him to relax, but he still was tensed up. When we walked inside, it was hot and sweaty and crowded with people. I went straight up to the bar and dragged Harry with me, desperately needing a drink. I ordered two beers and passed Harry one, he smiled at me softly and started drinking. As the cold liquid slipped down my throat, it soothed me of everything that had happened in the past few days.

In the corner of my eye I could see Stacey and Niall walking through a back door. God knows to do what. I started making my way through the crowd towards an empty table, Harry's hand slipping from mine accidentally. I was halfway towards the table when I noticed a man getting dangerously close to me. He started putting his hands on my waist and sliding them down onto my bum. I started panicking as he quickly moved his hands from my bum to underneath my top. "P-Please-please stop" I whined at him, trying to push him off. "Calm down babe no need to be so tense..." he said slurring his words. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I searched around trying to find Harry, but he wasn't there. I saw Eleanor with Louis as she pointed in the direction I was in. Louis got up and jogged over towards me, looking angry. "Don't you dare touch her!" Louis said as he violently pushed the man backwards, then took me into a hug quickly. 'You okay Chris? I'm not sure where Harry is...go sit with El and I'll try to find him" He said over my shoulder. He pulled away "Thanks Lou" I said as I made my way over to Eleanor, and saw him walking in the opposite direction searching for Harry. "Oh Hon are you okay?" Eleanor asked me as I sat in the booth next to her. "Yeah, just a bit scary to me thats all.." I smiled at her, "Haz has probably gone to the toilet or something stupid like that Lou will find him for ya" she hugged me tightly and told me to have a few shots and I'll be fine, which sounded like the best idea in the world right then.

After a lot of drinking, we got up to dance, It was such an amazing feeling not having a care in the world about anything. Half way through about the fourth song we were dancing to, Harry came up to me and looked at me funny. "Oh hello Harry Stylessss, me and Eleanor were just dancing, do you want to join us curlayyyy hair?" I laughed nonstop, slurring my words badly and singing along to the song that was playing. Eleanor giggled next to me as I started getting closer to Harry, "Christaaaaa I'm going to find LouLou noww" she sang. I bit my lip and looked around "Haz?" "yeah Chrissy?" "Oh I am very very very very embarrassed right now for asking you thissss butttt, you wanna go to yoursss and have a bit of funnnn?" I started laughing again as I grabbed the belt on his jeans and tugged him against me. He smiled and shook his head, not believing I was in this state. Harry called a cab, that drove us to his house and dropped us outside. I grabbed Harry's hand and dragged him inside. Harry opened the door quickly and just as we passed the kitchen we ran into Harry's mum, Anne. "OOOOOOO hello Anneeee!!" I whispered to her as Harry threw his head back and laughed loudly, I loved it when he did that. Anne laughed and asked Harry to be careful, he pointed at me and shook his head looking at his mum. "Come on Harryyyyyyyy, your walking so slowwwwllllyyyyy" I said pulling him up the stairs.

"Christa calm down babe" Harry said, I was high and tickling him trying to take his top off, he chuckled taking it off for me. Harry pushed me against the wall and leant into me, his breath inches away from my mouth. He planted kisses on my collar bone and up my neck as I entwined my hands in his thick curls. I started pushing Harry forwards until we reached the end of his bed, he twisted me round and lay me down. He put his hands underneath my top just enough to reach my skin, and then straddled me in his jeans. Harry started to kiss my neck again, searching for my sweet spot, when he found it I moaned a little and he smiled into my hair. I shifted from underneath him and he growled "What are you doing?" I giggled at his forwardness, and rolled over so I was sitting on top of him. His deep green eyes bore into mine as I moved slowly, then crashed my lips on his. When he kissed back, it felt kind of passionate but rough at the same time, but it still felt good. I didn't want that night to end, the way Harry felt as he moved beneath me or the way his lips moved with mine or how he slide his tongue over my bottom lip for permission to carry on.

After checking my phone in the morning with a pounding headache that I couldn't get rid of, Harry's phone rang. He was still lying underneath the duvet breathing heavily, and ever since I had been up, he had said my name five times in his sleep. I picked it up slowly, "Hello" I whispered, trying not to wake Harry up. "Oh Chris it's you, right listen, I need to ask you a favour.." it was Niall. "Yeah sure what's up?" I saw Harry turn over and murmur something into his pillow. "I really need to ask Stace something later..." he paused, almost unsure if he should ask me. " I need you to take her somewhere and then bring her over to mine later?" he asked. "Course, see ya later Ni" I hung up, grabbed a pillow and tossed it at Harry who groaned, then after fine minutes got up, lifted me from the floor at the foot of his bed and kissed my forehead. "Who was that babycakes?" he asked looking at me softly. "Niall, he wants us to distract Stace for today then take her round to his later?" "Oh crap I forgot..." Harry looked suddenly amused. "Call Stacey NOW!" he put me down on the bed and chucked my phone at me. I called her and told her to come over in 10, "Haz I'm starving, can u make me somethingggg?" I said to Harry getting up and bouncing up and down. "Sure thing Babes"

6 hours later and Stacey, Harry and I were sitting in the living room watching Peter Pan. "Tell me again WHY we are watching this film?" Stacey complained at me. "Because this is one of my all-time favourite movies!" I squealed at her. Harry laughed, his phone beeped and looked at me hurriedly. "Stace, I uh I need to go somewhere will you come with me and uh Haz can u drive us please?" That sentence just completely sums up that I am a ridiculous lair. "Sure okay" she said as Harry got up and headed towards the door quickly. When we were in the car I put my scarf that was left in Harry's range rover over her eyes and told her to shut up. Harry stopped outside Niall's and I dragged her in. Niall stood there looking really embarrassed as I took off her 'blindfold' then turned her to face him, he was down on one knee and holding up a ring. She gasped looking from Niall back to the ring. "Stacey Hicks...will you uh Marry me?"

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