The Disappearance


8. Chapter 8

A young girl crouches over me, and a boy standing to my right and another boy standing over my head. Her cheekbones are high, eyes round, and she is pale. She is crouched down over me. She is wearing a white plain dress. I really feel out of place. I close my mouth and quit screaming, blink a couple of times. The boy on my right looks older than me. He just stands there and looks down at me. He is wearing a white shirt and gray pants. He has blue eyes and short blond hair. The boy standing directly above me

“Are you okay?” She asks. Her voice is kind of high pitched.

“Y-yes, sorry,” I say, and she stands up and then helps me up. I stand and smooth out what’s left of my dress. The boy on my right isn’t as tall as he looked when I was lying on the floor. His hair is a military style haircut, and he’s blonde. He is wearing a white shirt and gray pants and she is wearing a gown in identical colors. I feel out of place. The boy standing above me has blonde hair, and in all white, and all three of them have white tennis shoes, but me.

“My name is Megan Kirby,” she says to me and holds out her hand.

“Kelly Kamalo,” I say back. She gives me a fake smile, but hey, at least she’s trying to smile in this place. I shake her hand.

“I’m James Kirby,” the boy says who was directly above me. He leans on one of the sinks now. His muscles flex and show really well in that shirt. He must be at least six inches taller than me. He has blue eyes as well.

                “Hi.” I say because he doesn’t offer a hand to shake.

                “I’m Caleb Jones.” The guy with the white t-shirt says.

                I nod at him. “Have any of you seen Kassie Kamalo or Chloe Cabrera?”

                They all shake their heads. I walk to the spot where 10 doors stand. I came out of the second to the left. I need to find Kassie. I point at the first door to the left. “Does anybody know whose doors these belong to?”

                “I know eight of the ten.” Megan says and goes down the line pointing at the doors and saying the names. I only listen for my sister’s name. She skips over my door and the one right next to mine. I take a deep breath. “I’ll be right back.” I say and push the door open. The room, from what I can see is empty. I push the door open farther and put my head inside the room, and step in. There is a girl in a gray dress sitting in the corner. Her dirty blonde hair is covering her like a blanket. Her calf is in a hard cast. I run into the room.

                “Kassie?” I walk over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. “Kassie wake up.”

                “Hmmm?” she mutters.

                “Come to the bathroom, come on, I’ll help you.” I say and she holds out her hands and I heave her up. She stumbles and I catch her. I step back through the bathroom door and half carry her there. I step through first, and then Kassie’s left leg, and then her right. James notices then, that I’m struggling. And strides over, steps in between the door frame and Kassie, and takes her right out of my arms, literally. In one fluid motion, he wraps his arm around her knees and his left arm cradling her back, he gently scoops her up in his arms.

                He carries her over to the sinks and sits on the floor, her still in his arms. I sit too, and then the rest of them soon fallow.

                “How long have you guys been here?” I ask them.

                “My brother and I have been here for six months,” Megan replies. James nods his head sadly, his eyes still on Kassie, her head against his chest and her eyes closed.

                “I’ve been here for one,” says Caleb.

                “My sister Kassie and I have been here for two days. Even though you guys have been in here longer, I think we need a plan to escape.”

                Everyone nods, except for unconscious Kassie.

                I nod. “Okay. Here is my plan.” 

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