The Disappearance


5. Chapter 5

The next day at school was chaotic. Everyone was talking about the dance. The hallways smelled of sweaty palms of the nervous. Tears covered the white tile classroom floors of the broken hearted who didn’t get asked to the dance by the guy they liked. I just watched. I had never fallen head over heels for a guy before. Our school wasn’t that good.

                The cafeteria was louder than usual and the teachers tried to quiet us down, like that would work on a day like today. I sit with my cheerleaders and some of their boyfriends and football players all mixed in at one table; and my sister.

                “I don’t want to make you feel bad, but I’ve already had five offers to go to the dance with. I’m going to say yes to Kris McKanin.” She says sympathetically. But there is a look in her eye that is questionable. Kris McKanin is an outstanding football player, and also Logan’s step brother. Tall, clean-cut, and has the whitest smile I have ever seen a person have; or even thought was possible. He is the guy most of the girls at school dream to have. Kris has the happy-go-lucky attitude, good grades, everything. He is just the kind of person you want to be around. I don’t think anyone has ever seen him in a bad mood. Ever.

                Now my sister’s smile is widening, so wide I can see all of her teeth, and she is surpressing a laugh or a scream I can’t really tell. Even though I am already sitting up straight I try to sit up straighter. And then some people stop talking and start staring at me. I start to think to myself, is there something wrong with my face? I feel my eyes go wide, but the only person I can stare at is my sister.

                “Turn. Around.” Kassie hisses through her teeth. Hesitantly, I do, slowly and now that I am facing my left. I see what everyone was staring about.

                About eight feet away from me stands Logan and most of the football team spread around him. Logan holds a sign that reads “Will you be my date Kelly?,” In huge black and red letters. Dazed and happy all at the same time I trust my shaky legs to support me and run up and hug him. He hands the sign to someone who I don’t see and hugs me back. My face buried in his red t-shirt. I lean into him, trusting him to support my weight since I’m in complete shock. Right now I don’t care that over half the cafeteria is probably watching right now. 

                He whispers low in my ear, so quietly that only I can hear, “is that a yes?”

                I nod into his shoulder and the crowd falls into a quiet ‘awe’ and I feel Logan’s cheek pulling back into a smile. A second later, when I finally let go, I give him a more verbal answer. “Yes.” I say.

                My eyes go watery and as soon as the first tear begins to fall he quickly wipes it away with his thumb and gives me a warm smile.

                For the rest of school all I can think about is Logan and the dance.

                The last class of the day, math drags by as I count down the minutes until the final bell. When it finally rings, I’m one of the first ones out of my seat and out of the classroom in the blink of an eye. I half walk half run to my car in the school parking lot. I jump in my car and eagerly wait for Kassie. While I wait; I decide to text Logan.

                That was incredible today I type to him. I eagerly wait for a response, and about a minute later one comes.

                Did I surprise you? (: He questions.

                YES. I had NO idea!! How long have you been planning that? It was so sweet! I can’t think of a better way for you to have asked me. I say.

                Since I first heard about it. I’m really glad you said yes, otherwise I would have made a complete fool of myself. Lol. He says.

                What else would I say?? So what time tonight? I ask.

                The dance starts at eight, so I’ll be at your house by seven? That okay? I smile to myself a little. I still can’t believe what happened today. All of it.

                Perfect (: I text.

                A moment later Kassie opens the car door and I jump, but she doesn’t notice. She’s too busy trying to back into the convertible. She has a backpack on her back, lunch box in her left hand, along with bright red roses surrounded with a cone of plastic, pink carnations in her right. Her arms were folded and holding heart shaped chocolate boxes.

                “These,” she huffs, “are from all of the guys that asked me out today,” she huffs again, “don’t ask.” And she throws the flowers in the back seat. Pedals fly everywhere.

                “You are cleaning those up.” I say.

                “Why? They give your car a little bit of…. Romance,” she gives me that wide smile again. “Like today at lunch.”

                “Please stop grinning at me like that, you look like the Cheshire Cat.” And at that, she frowns. She knew exactly who I was talking about. I return the smile at her and start the car.

                “Do not. I’m just happy for you, that’s all.” She says as we back out of the parking space.

                “Thanks sis. I’m happy too.”


As soon as I pulled up in the driveway at three o’clock I ran to my shower. I only have three hours to get ready. Maybe less. Shampoo, conditioner, rinse, and repeat I chant to myself. The steam in the bathroom covered the mirror completely. I took a towel out from underneath the sink and wiped the watery mirror down. As soon as my towel touched the glass, there was a pounding sensation in my head. A shiver runs up and down my body and I fall to the ground and start screaming. My vision goes blurry and dark and I blackout.

                The weirdest thing happened. I began to dream.


                The cool autumn breeze made my hair whip around my face. I look down and I’m driving my convertible in my purple dress. Logan is in the passenger’s seat and behind me are Kassie and Logan’s step brother, Kris, and Chloe is sitting behind Logan. They are laughing and talking, and I try to focus on their conversations, but I’m anxious about something. I accelerate as the speed limit signs change as we drift onto the highway to Chloe’s house.

                All at once, blue and red lights explode from behind me and sirens kick on. I jump out of my skin. Was I speeding? I don’t think I was. Logan anxiously looked back behind him, squinting into the darkness of the night. I slow, and pull over on the curb.

                Logan hands me my sparkly clutch with my driver’s license and frowns at me. I feel my face get red. Everyone in the car goes silent and stares forward while I dig in my purse. I hear the boots of a police officer click behind me with a steady pace. I glance in the rear view mirror and I see the police officer pull something out of his pocket and he splits into two, then three, then four. Logan grips my wrist holding my license and registration. He slowly turns around. His eyes get round.

                “Drive!” he screams at me. But I am not fast enough. A cloth is pressed into my nose and mouth. A big hand forcing me back into the head rest. I shut my eyes and reach for Logan but he is already gone. I slam my eyes shut.


                I force my eyes to open again and I’m staring wide-eyed at my bathroom mirror my arm extended, towel touching glass. I glance down at the time and it still reads three fifteen. I haven’t lost a minute through that whole ordeal. You might not have even known it happened unless it happened to you. I jerked my towel away from the glass and pressed it back into the glass. Nothing. I did it again, and nothing happened. I shook myself and brushed it off. Maybe it has something to do with the purple dress. But why would it?

                I blow dry my hair and wind it around my curling iron. I take my time to make sure all of them are perfect. I let them hang loose as I slide on the purple dress. It flows on me just right.

                I walk into Kassie’s room. “Can I borrow some heels?” I ask. She’s busying herself in fixing her hair up and putting pins in it. She’s sitting at her vanity and catches my reflection walking towards her closet.

                “Kel, you look beautiful!!” she says in awe.

                I chuckle. “Thanks.” I attempt at a smile, but she sees right through it.

                Her faces falls into a frown with worried eyes. “What’s wrong?”

                “Oh… just nervous I guess.” I attempt. But really I’m still shaken up with the mirror incident. She gets up from her chair and walks over to where I stand halfway to her closet and puts her hands on my shoulders.

                “You are such a terrible lair,” she says to me, “what happened?”

                I fold my dress underneath me and sit on the edge of her bed. “Well…” I begin, and then I realize, what do I say? How do I explain it? “I feel like I’ve been watched for the past few days. And I think I’m going crazy with these dreams but they aren’t dreams. They are something else… and they are terrible.”

                I explain everything, the visions as Kassie calls them. And she doesn’t think I’m crazy. She thinks it’s just the nerves for tonight and that I’m daydreaming. She knows they are getting to me though, and she’s trying to help, and thirty minutes later I feel a lot better that I’ve told someone. Free almost. She walks into her closet and pulls out a pair of glittery silver shoes and smiles at me like the Cheshire Cat. And I laugh.

                The doorbell rings just in time, and I answer it. My parents came home sometime when Kassie and I were getting ready. Logan and Kris stand there, wearing the same black tux but with different ties. Logan wears it more comfortably, but Kris just looks nervous and awkward. Logan wears a purple tie, and Kris wears a green one. I sigh, this can only mean one thing, Kassie. Logan flashes me a handsome smile.

                “Hey Kelly.” He smirks at me and pulls me into a hug at the door. I hear Kassie flutter down the stairs behind me. My hands slide down his arms and into his hands. “Come inside,” Kassie and I say in unison, but to our dates. I drop my right hand from his and pull him inside and wait for Kris to come inside so I can shut the door.

                My parents come rushing in like paparazzi. Camera’s in hand. I sigh. “Mom I was expecting this, but you dad?” I laugh and so does Logan.

                “Yes! This is a moment to remember!” my mom answers for him. “Come on guys! Stand by the fireplace!” She says as I shut the door.

                “And here we go.” I say to Logan. And he laughs and squeezes my hand.


                The photo shoot would have lasted longer if we didn’t have to go. We walked out into the garage where my convertible sat, ready to go, like it was calling to me, as it always is.

                “Dude, sweet ride. Can we take it?” Kris says in awe. He looks more in love with the car than with my sister. I laugh, careful not to touch my painted face. I reach under my elbow and grab my clutch. I pull out my decorated keys and jingled them. Logan took them out from under my fingers. “I’m driving.” He says. “I don’t trust you to drive in those heels,” and shows all of his perfect white teeth.

                “Fine, but I call shotgun!” I call. The car is messier than I thought it was. Kassie still had her pedal-less flowers in my car and most of the pedals were on the floor and our backpacks. Now there will be nothing but glitter all over the seats.


                It took a minute for Logan to figure out how to drive my car; he’s used to his jeep. He sped down the neighborhood streets testing how fast it can go. The engine purred and the tires screeched and Kassie, Kris, and I screamed with laughter. When we got out of the subdivision he drove more seriously, but I could tell he was thrilled about the ride.

                He reached over and took my hand in his right and held onto it the whole way to school.

                When we reached school about fifteen minutes later, it was packed. Logan chose the last parking space on the end and then opened up my hand and dropped the keys into my palm. “Did you like it?” I ask him smiling.

                “Yes!” He says as we get out of the car. The sun is just setting and falling into the ground. The sky is blue and orange and pink and yellow, and it’s beautiful so I turn and stare at it, my back towards the school. Logan comes up from behind me and wraps his hands under my arms and across my waist.

                “It’s not as beautiful as you,” he whispers in my ear and leans his head gently against mine.

                “Come on you love birds!” Shouts Kassie as she pulls her date along.

                And before I even know what’s happening, Logan constricts his arms around me, lifts me off the ground and swings me in a circle and a half, and now we are facing the school entrance where people are pouring in, as fluid and dangerous as Niagara Falls.

                I giggle, and Logan guides me through the groups of people. I know exactly where he is headed, the dance floor, and I smile a little bit.

                It takes us a little bit to get there, but once we are on the floor we start dancing to the slow songs. We both know what we are doing, I know he is an amazing dancer, and I don’t know how, but I’ve taken some dancing lessons before, and before we know it the spotlight is on us and we are center stage. I can feel people staring at me, and honestly I don’t care.

                He pulls me into a spin and the dance turns into a salsa-ballroom dance. But Logan and I go with it and feed of each other’s energy. The song ends as he pulls me into a dip like only in the movies of fairytales and my heart rate leaps. He pulls me up slowly and kisses me, and I wrap my hands around his neck and the songs get slower. We pull away and I open my eyes. He’s smiling at me. He pulls me closer and rests his hands on the small of my back. We sway the whole time during the next song. He bends his head down and kisses me again, more passionate this time.

                The rest of the night continues this way. We dance the entire time. And I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect.

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