The Disappearance


4. Chapter 4

I found Logan stretched out on our sectional couch. He looked almost like my dad, all dressed up in his pajamas. The TV reflected colors onto him. I came around to the other side of the couch just as lightening flashed and thunder boomed and shook the house. I hated storms, but wasn’t scared of them. Logan flattened himself to the back of the couch, stretching his left arm out beckoning me to come lay down beside him. He didn’t move the pillow under his head though, making room for mine. I sat down on the couch and flared out my blanket to cover and warm the both of us and laid down next to him. Warmth consumed me immediately. He moved his left arm under the blanket and settled it around my waist and moved his right arm under his head and mine, bent so it was coming out on the other side of the pillow.

I read the time on his watch, 5:30. “My parents should be coming home soon.” I said.

Though I couldn’t see his expression, it sounded disappointed. “I don’t want to leave. I want to stay here, with you.” He complained just above my ear.

“I just said my parents will be coming home soon, I never said you had to leave. They will be fine with it.” I say and look up at the TV screen to see what was on. Football. Figures.

He noticed where I was looking. “You can change the channel if you want. I’m fine with pretty much whatever.” I reached over my head and felt for the remote on the side table. I recognized its shape and texture immediately and picked it up. My fingers automatically found the guide button and I searched for something we would both want to watch.

“Titanic… Safe Haven… Pitch Perfect… House at the End of the Street…” the list went on and on. “See anything you like?” I asked Logan.

“Whatever you… Ooh, we should watch The Conjuring,” he beckoned, I tensed, but selected it. The Conjuring was supposed to be the scariest movie, but I had never seen it. Logan has though.

Just about that time the phone rang on the table. I reached over my head again and found it and pulled it back beside me. ‘Mom’ it read. I hit answer. “Hello?” I spoke into the phone.

“Hey sweetie, I left work a little late, I’ll be home in 30 minutes. Is Kassie cooking? Or do I need to bring something home?” she said.

“Hang on,” I said to mom. “Kas!” I called, “are you cooking dinner?”

“Chicken noodle soup!” Kassie answered, “figured you guys would want it after standing in the rain.”

“Yes mom, Kassie is cooking chicken noodle soup, also, Logan came over for dinner.”

“Okay. See you then! Bye love you.”

“Love you too mom.” And I hung up.

“So I can stay?” Logan asked.

“Yes, you can stay.” I reply.


                We laid there for about thirty minutes. My eyes didn’t ache anymore, and I was happy. When my mom got home and then my dad got home five minutes later, we got up, now toasty warm, to eat. Kassie really slaved away in the kitchen, the noodles were delicious. My parents asked us if we had homework, but all three of us said no. Logan and I got a seat by each other and held hands most of the time under the table.

                After dinner, we went up to my room.

                “So I guess you are going to the dance, huh?” and eyed my concealed dress across the room on a hanger on the closet door.

                “Yeah...” I say and look down at my feet. We were sitting on my bed, side by side, my head in his lap, “No one to go with though… so I’ll probably just go with my sister.”

                Conversation just kind of ended there, and we sat in silence. “It’s time for me to go,” he said sadly. I got up and let him.

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