The Disappearance


3. Chapter 3


Kas and I finally arrive at the mall, ten minutes later. She almost runs into her favorite little dress shop. I just follow slowly behind her. “Keep your eye out. I want a short dress. Poofy and like a sundress, yet elegant and casual.”

I looked around with her, but my head was somewhere else. Kassie rummaged through the dresses one by one, grabbing handfuls after each rack. NO telling how long it’s going to take her. I looked around slowly, feeling the different fabrics and textures. I laid eyes on a pretty dress, it was a stunning blue, fitted at the top, but cupcaked out at the waist, cutting off at the knees. It was strapless and simple, but elegant. I awed in its glow but it wasn’t in my size. I walked over to a different rack, and shuffled through.

“Kel! Come look at this one!” she called out to me. Isn’t it just stunning? She said as I walked over and twirled. It was layered, one sparkly shimmering glittery layer on top, followed by a red one underneath. The fabric spilled from her body in a shimmering beautiful way. “I think you should get this one.” I nodded and smiled at Kassie. She smiled back “I thought you would say that,” and twirled back to the dressing room.

I went back to my shopping and wandered into a different little section. The first dress that I laid my eyes on was the one I knew I wanted. It was a purple, one shoulder, short dress that ended just before the knees. Sparkles radiating down the dress, tight at the shoulder and spreading out the closer to the bottom they got. It was perfect, and in my size. I picked it up and paid for it immediately, not needing to try it on, I knew it fit. My sister was waiting for me at the door.

“Ready to go home?” she asked me.

“Let’s go home.”

I felt better after we went to the mall. I no longer felt like someone was watching us. I sped down the highway home just as a trickle of rain started to fall. The sky darkened and I was forced to put the top up. My phone started vibrating in my purse behind me. “Kassie? Will you get my purse please?” I said as I slowed down to turn on the exit ramp. She was already ahead of me and reaching for my purse. She pulled it into her lap and pulled my phone out of the front pocket and turned it to an upright position. “Hello? Kelly’s phone.” she spoke into the phone. I listened hard and all I could make out was ‘Kelly’ “Who is it?” I asked Kas. She ignored me and answered the phone instead. “She’s driving in the rain. Can I leave a message?”

“Kas, who is it?” I asked again. And she ignored me, again. “I’ll tell her. Bye,” and Kas hung up, “that was Logan.” She said and I smiled. “He wants you to call him when you get home.”


“Hello?” Logan answers.

“Hi.” I reply, “sorry about earlier, I had to drive and I told Kas to answer my phone and…”

“It’s fine Kel, it happens.” He interrupted me and I could tell he was smiling, which made me smile. “So why’d you call?” I asked him.

“To hear your voice.” He said tenderly, “I’ve missed you Kel-It’s been a long summer.” He paused, “and I wanted to ask you something.” He sounded nervous and stuttered a little.

“Yes.. anything,” Now I sounded nervous.

“Who is going to be on the cheerleading squad this year? I like a girl on that tried out and I didn’t know if she made it.” He rushed through the sentence. My heart sank. He likes someone else… not me.

“Well… There’s me and Kassie, Riley, Tiffany, and Courtney, and that’s all we know so far. Kassie mostly held tryouts today so she will let me know who she thinks will make it and who won’t.” I guess I sounded disappointed because he asked, “What’s wrong Kel?”

I waited a little bit before answering and decided to tell him all about today, including my dream. I told him how I wished he was here to tell me everything is okay and hug me until I felt better. Uncontrollably I started to cry on the phone right in front of him. I don’t know what had gotten into me, something must really be wrong with me.

“Hang in there Kel, I’m on my way over.” He actually sounded as if he might cry at the sound of me crying. All I could manage was an ‘okay.’


I waited for him for ten minutes on my door step, still tears forming in my eyes. I insisted we hang up because I didn’t want him driving and on the phone. It’s too dangerous. I kept my blurry eyes on the road waiting for him to drive up. The rain was coming down harder now and just as I was about to give up; that he wasn’t coming, a pair of headlights pulled into my driveway. It was Logan’s red truck. I ran to him as he was shutting the door of his pick-up.

When I reached him he scooped me up into a hug. It felt just like the movies, standing here, hugging, in the rain. My make-up was running down my face, my eyes were puffy. I looked at him, and he looked at me, his brown hair was starting to lose its shape as the rain soaked through it. He pulled me closer to him whispering in my ear “it’s okay Kel, I’m here now.”

I gripped his t-shirt tighter and he pressed me into him and put his head on mine. I could feel his body heat radiating off of him and we were now soaked completely. We stood there like that for long minutes. He bent down and whispered in my ear. “Let’s go inside.” And he took me under his arm pulling me close and guided me inside.

He took me into my bathroom where he grabbed two towels from under the sink. He unfolded one, wrapping it tightly around my shoulders and I sat on my counter. I started to shiver from the cold damp clothes around me. I started sniffling. Kassie walked by, my bathroom door open. She froze and slowly turned, shocked by my expression, I must have looked terrible, make-up streaming down my face, my eyes puffy and red, dark circles under my eyes. She didn’t, however, look surprised when she saw Logan. His abs were showing through his wet t-shirt and he looked hotter than ever. He was a foot taller than the both of us, but he didn’t loom down at us, his expression was gentle and sincere.

Kassie quickly unfroze and walked over to where I sat, “are you okay Kelly?” I meekly shook my head and let her help me off the counter and guide me to my room to get changed into dryer clothes. “Oh god Kelly, you look sick.” She said at the bathroom door, “you best be getting changed into dryer clothes too, we can’t have you getting sick too.” She weakly smiled at Logan and turned to guide me off. She called to him on our way down the hallway, “I’ll be right back to go get you some of dad’s dry clothes.”

Kassie led me to my closet and shut the door behind us. She walked to my huge shelves and pulled out some baggy, fuzzy, grey sweat pants and my white t-shirt that says my name on the front of it in green letters. She grabbed some underwear out of the drawer and a clean sports bra for me to wear.

“Put these on.” She instructed me, “while I go find your boyfriend some clothes,” too tired to argue, she quietly closed the closet door behind her, leaving me alone in my walk-in closet.

I slowly, put on the clothes she gave me and stood in my closet re-thinking all of the things that just happened. I wrapped my hair up in the damp towel, keeping it off my dry clothes, took a deep breath and opened the closet door. I went across the room to my bed and grabbed my folded, black, fuzzy blanket, and my shivers stopped now, and wrapped it around my shoulders. I opened my bedroom door and walked to my bathroom, now dark and empty.

I switched on the light and looked at my sorrow expression in the mirror across from me. I looked absolutely terrible, my face was pale, my eyes red and puffy, dark circles under them. I looked like a zombie come back to life. I needed to fix that. At least wipe off the make-up smeared on my face. I found my make-up remover right where I left it, under my sink in the top drawer along with all of the make-up I use for special occasions, or never use.

In the second drawer, I found my cotton balls and soaked one in make-up remover. The cold liquid touched my face and I began scrubbing it off of my eye lids and my cheeks. I couldn’t, however fix the dark circles or the puffy eyes. Well, he’s seen me worse. I thought to myself. Now isn’t much different.

I tossed my cotton ball in the trash can, took my damp hair out of the towel, and put it in a loose side ponytail, and walked out of the room, in search of my sister or Logan. 

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