The Disappearance


1. Chapter 1


                In my huge clean house in California, I sat alone at the kitchen island drinking hot chocolate out of my favorite square, white, coffee cup. It was only 4:30 in the morning, and I was just starting to wake up. I wasn’t ready to go back to high school, for my senior year. I was ready to see my friends however. Even though my sister, Kassie and I are popular cheerleaders and I was the captain, I was still scared to go back the large prison of a school. The long hallways and intimidating teachers were taunting me inside my head. I didn’t finish my hot chocolate; I just stared down at the swirling brown chocolate liquid, getting cold. I arose and put it in the sink. I silently slipped back into my room and then into my private bathroom to shower. My bathroom had marble floors with heated tile, light purple walls and chrome accents. Purple and white towels, a tub big enough to fit three people comfortably and a shower big enough to fit a queen size bed inside. Double sinks and a crazy large mirror constantly reflecting the same walls they always did.

                I stood there in the hot steam and scrubbed my head covering it in shampoo and conditioner and I kept thinking about the dream that woke me up.


                I was walking through the woods, forest green pine trees and snow covering the ground. I was badly beaten and covered in somebody’s blood, and I didn’t think it was mine. One of my Caribbean blue eyes was swollen shut and my long blonde hair growing even longer and needing a haircut. I was breathing hard, panting, on the verge of passing out. I was wearing a purple one-shoulder dress. Sparkles shimmering from the shoulder and radiating down to the hem of the dress, spreading out the farther down the dress. It looked like it was once a masterpiece, elegant and flowing, a true dream dress, except now it was missing sparkles and was ripped down the side. It was covered in mud and dirt and blood and god knows what else. My feet were bare and looked much like my dress, muddy and bloody, but my feet were on the verge of freezing and falling off completely. They were purple and blue and black, I could feel every bone, muscle, nerve in my body every step I took, and they all screamed that I had to rest, and find warmth and shelter, but I couldn’t stop running. I looked back again and saw something, but I was bouncing up and down from my steps it was blurry and I couldn’t make it out. I squinted harder, but kept running in the other direction. I ran into a branch or something, whatever it was it knocked me off of my feet and the back of my head hit a root of a tree and I blacked out.


                I came back to my senses again, and I checked the time, now 5:00 and I could hear Kassie stirring in her room. I got out and rapped myself and hair in purple colored towels. They were soft and heavy and warm on my skin. I whipped down the mirror and stared at my reflection in the mirror. I ran through my closet mentally, I was always very organized and I liked to know where everything is, very routine, and this day already started out without a routine. I brushed my teeth, starting to become more myself again, more my pace, quickly. I always say, the faster you get it done, the better. And I don’t have time for slow in my life. I undid my hair and hung up the damp towel. I opened the third drawer down and pulled out my black and white top of the line hairdryer and carefully dried my dripping hair and plugged in my polka dot curling iron. Finally my thick, long, golden hair finally dried enough for curling. I turned on some music and sung quietly to my reflection, and when I was satisfied I walked back into my room, then large walk in closet. All silver walls, bright runway lighting and white shelving and clothing hangers. My clothes organized by color and season, shoes by category, heels, flats, and tennis shoes, etcetera. I knew what I wanted to wear, my white button up shirt, sleeves with slits on the shoulders, exposing my nicely tanned bare skin. A gray tank top to go underneath and rs, exposing them. nd lighting and white shelving and clothing short dark blue shorts, cuffed at the bottoms with sparkly patterns on the pockets. I searched my shoes for the perfect pair of flats, white with a few buttons down the toes. I dressed, put on deodorant, lotion, and perfume. I finished by putting some eye shadow and eyeliner on. I left my room at 5:30 and went downstairs to make myself some bacon and eggs and my favorite, waffles with butter. I made enough for everybody too, knowing they would want some. I cooked fast paced, nothing like my mother, who seems to take forever to cook, but maybe that’s just because I’m always sitting there starving.

                Mom walks into the kitchen in sweat pants and a tank top, sleepily steels a crunchy piece of works very hard at her job as a doctor, but my dad, Kevin, is a secret agent for the FBI, top in his class.

                “Morning mom,” I called to her as she walked away. “Have a good first day of school! Got to go get ready for work.” She replied. She would be back down soon I’m sure. A light pair of footsteps scampered down the staircase and I knew who it was before I even turned around. Kassie.

                “Morning Kelly!!” she shouted. Well, someone is excited about today. “Morning to you too Kas.” I say and she sits down at the bar. I turn away from the stove and see Kassie. She was wearing her favorite green top and white shorts that came down to her mid-thigh. Her dirty blonde hair that she insists on it being really looks for brown. Her face was caked in make-up, not that mine wasn’t, painted nails like green daggers, the same lime green as her striped halter top. She is shorter than me, but not by much. Her blue eyes pleading or bacon, everyone in this house loved bacon.

                A heavier pair of footsteps came down the stairs then, dad. “Morning girls,” he says as he walks into the kitchen in sweatpants and a navy blue T-Shirt that said D.A.D.D. (dads against daughters dating) across the front. He gave me a hug and kissed me on the forehead. “Morning daddy,” I replied even though he was talking to the both of us. Kas hoped down from the stool at the island and grabbed four plates from the cabinet and set them on the counter next to the stove. Then she flung herself into our father’s arms “Morning daddy,” that was muffled through his T-Shirt.

Kas handed me plates one by one to fill with bacon and eggs. She handed the first two to dad and help the last one for me. I filled it, put the pans in the sink and turned the burners off and then took my plate for my sister.

                I sat down on the right side of the bar, where I always sat. I was starving now and dived in hungrily, taking precaution not to ruin my make-up and clothes. Kassie did the same. The clock in the living room stroked 6:00 AM. I finished my meal and then put my plate in the sink with the other dishes that helped to make breakfast and a few from last night’s pizza and my morning hot chocolate.

                I rounded the corner and scaled the stairs and went and turned into my room. I sat on my bed and stared at my phone that was practically exploding with text messages. One of my good friends, Payton, also on my cheerleading team said ‘when are u going to b @ school????’ another one, from Riley saying ‘See you at tryouts after school!!’ she is a really good cheerleader, but also really annoying. Chloe was one of my best friends, and also on my cheer team. ‘See you in PE and at cheer!!!’  I almost forgot Kas and I had to hold cheerleading tryouts after the first day of school. I unlocked my IPhone and reminded Kassie to pack her cheer gear and looked at my other messages. Tiffany and Courtney also asked about tryouts this afternoon. I got a text from my best guy friend, Logan, and we would never be more than friends. We had two classes together, so he said, ‘Can’t wait to see you at school Kel!!’ I smiled. I haven’t seen him all summer. I got a message from my aunt saying ‘Have a great day at school!’ She group messaged it to Kassie too.

                I unplugged my phone and shoved it into my back pocket at 6:15. “Kas!” I yelled from my room as I was putting my cheer stuff in my duffel bag that was purple with little gold designs on it and Kelly embroidered across the middle. “Come bring your stuff downstairs and put it in my car so we don’t forget anything!!” And grabbed my own as well, “Coming!” she called back.

                I walked out into the hallway and she was already waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me to come and unlock my Audi Cabriolet Convertible, it was my baby, all dressed up in red. It seated four, which was perfect for me, and I mean, I shared it with my sister, she has her permit, but there is no way I’m letting her drive my car. She can practice in my mom’s infinity, not my convertible. In sunny California there isn’t much rain, but I can always put up the roof if it does. I went downstairs and through the kitchen and into our four car garage. Everyone has their own parking space and garage code, and my Kassie’s is vacant for the time being, until her birthday that is. Her birthday came January eighteenth, and I still will drive her to school until then.

                I rounded the corner to the garage where my dad’s pick-up truck anxiously awaited to be driven. My mom’s Infinity was next, black and ready to bust some moves out on the highway. Then there was MY beauty, shiny and red, with black and red seats. The top was down and I put my backpack, lunch, and duffel bag into the backseat and Kassie did the same behind her seat.

                “You want to go drive around, maybe do something before school starts? We have nothing better to do.” I asked her as I was arranging my stuff so it wouldn’t fly out of the backseat. “Sure.” Kas says with a glimmer in her eye. She lived for excitement, though I don’t know what we would do this early in the morning. “Okay, well, let’s go say goodbye to mom and dad then before we leave and I have to grab my scarf.” I always put something over my hair so it wouldn’t get tangled.

                We walked back into the house together and I went to find mom and dad. I found them in the living room, watching the news, like they did every morning. “We are leaving early for school, going to find something to do before school.” I told them. “Have a good day at school girls,” mom says and gets up to give us both hugs. Then dad does. “Be safe,” dad says to us. “especially you,” he says with a smile as he hugs me. “Always am.” I say and hug him back. “Love you guys! Let’s go Kas.” We turn away and I grabbed my scarf and car keys off the island. “Bye!” my parents say in unison. “Bye!” Kassie and I call as we go out the garage door.

                I go first and pull open my car door and get in. I hit the button for the garage door to open at it clicks open. I ignite my car and it roars to life. Kas gets in, “Ready?” I say smiling. “Yep.” She smiles back. I throw the car into reverse and pull out of the drive way. I find a radio station that satisfies both Kas and my liking, hit the button to open the automatic gates to get out of my property and start driving. I love this car. 

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