It's the middle of summer vacation, and being away from everyone seems to be just what Diana needed. Well until she agreed to go to a summer home with Rose and the girls. When she gets there she realizes that the girls also invited to boys. With no way to leave she's stuck there to face some feelings that has been eating her up. Will this summer be good for her or will it hurt her even more?


4. Thoughts

Harry's POV:

Those words broke me. How was I suppose to help her and be there for here if she thought like that? I hugged her tighter trying to get her tears to fade away. I knew she was hurt and I wish I could help her. She laid her head on my lap and stared up at me with her beautiful blue eyes. She lifted her hand and ran it through my curly hair. I felt shivers go up and down my body from it. She looked like an angel. Am I really thinking like this?
"Harry?" She whispered.
"Yes?" I questioned
"I love you, you're always there for me when I need someone." 

I love you too I thought, but it was different. She cuddled up to me as I laid back and turned the t.v on. Her favorite show, The Vampire Dairies, was on. I ran may hand through her hair as she watched it intently. 
"Hey Harry...." She said softly.
"Yeah?" I asked yawning quietly.
"Can I ask you something and you give me the truth?" 
"Of course, love."
"What did you think the first day we met?"

The first day we met? Ah...I remember now. I was horribly lost looking for that dumb class. Then this beautiful girl comes up to me asking if I needed help. I was so thankful for her helping me to class but at the small time I was hypnotized by her. She glowed like an angel, she still does. I thought of her in a way I never thought of another girl before. Then she went out with Niall, it kind of sucked but there's not much I could have done.
"Harry?" She gave me a puzzled looked.
"Oh oops sorry love," I laughed
"Well are you going to tell me?" 
"Of course. I thought wow there's this beautiful walking up to me and she wants to help me. Gosh she's amazing." I smiled at her shocked face.

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