It's the middle of summer vacation, and being away from everyone seems to be just what Diana needed. Well until she agreed to go to a summer home with Rose and the girls. When she gets there she realizes that the girls also invited to boys. With no way to leave she's stuck there to face some feelings that has been eating her up. Will this summer be good for her or will it hurt her even more?


12. Dog Days..

Diana's POV:

I woke up with the smell of pancakes engulfing my nose. The summer sun was bright and it took awhile for my eyes to adjust. I made my way to the kitchen to find everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. 
Why can't I be happy again?
"Good morning beautiful." Louis said kissing my cheek. 
I gave him a half smile. I sat down next to Harry and ate some pancakes.
In a couple of weeks school will be here again. I wasn't excited at all about it. I looked over and noticed Rose kissed Harry's cheek. I rose my eyebrows in confusion. 
"Harry asked Rose out last night isn't the great?!" Abby squealed. 
What?  I felt my heart sinking again. 
"That's wonderful." I lied. 
I wasn't even hungry anymore. I stood up and walked back to my bedroom. I started packing my bags. Then I felt arms wrapping around me. I turned around to see Louis. 
"Give me a chance, Diana." He pleaded with his blue eyes. "I can be your rock. I love you and want to protect you so much. All I want is you to be happy and I wanna do that for you. Will you please go out with me?" 
"Sure Louis." I said.
Why did you say yes?
Are you crazy?
You are just going to get hurt again.
He was so happy. He wrapped me up in a hug and spun me around. When he put me back on the ground he kissed me sweetly. Then ran back out to the others probably telling them all the "great" news. I finished packing my bags and called Mathew. 
"Hello?" He answered.
"Come pick me up." I said.
"I thought you were suppose to stay till next week?" He sounded confuse.
"I can't take it anymore. I wanna come home." 
"Be there soon."
"Thanks. Bye."
My bags were all packed so I decided to clean up the room. I didn't make a real mess I just thought it was the right thing to do.
"Hey what are you doing?" Rose asked.
"Getting ready to leave." I stated emotionless. 
"Why? You're suppose to stay till next week." 
"Things came up. I gotta go."
"Is this because of Harry and I?" She asked crossing her arms.
"Wow. Not everything is about you." I hissed.
Why are you being such a bitch?
"If you wanted Harry you wouldn't have said yes to Louis last night." 
"What are you talking about?! I just said yes half an hour ago!" I yelled. 
"Yeah sure whatever you say." She rolled her eyes. 
Is she calling me a liar?! 
I felt rage go through my vains. I pushed her into the nightstand. She looked at me shocked.
"Don't call me a freaking liar!!" I yelled. 
I heard someone honking their horn outside and knew it was my brother. I grabbed my bags and headed out the door. Everyone looked surprise to see me leaving. Louis kissed my cheek because I was in such a hurry I didn't allow him to kiss my lips. Plus my brother still didn't like him so much. On the way home I cried. Mathew tried to comfort me the best he could. When I got home I noticed an email from one of my long lost friends named Joanna. 

Hey Di!!! Guess what!! I'm moving back into town and get to be with you during Senior year! I am so excited to see you!  I missed you so much!!
               ~Much love Jojo <3


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