The Diary of A Socially Awkward Teen

Dunno what to think of this xD


1. 4th June 2014

I don’t care if you read this and think I’m mean and that I have a horrible personality and I’m not like some perfect, happy-go-lucky Mary-Sue that so many people are expect themselves to be.

I just want to write down my thoughts and try to figure out why I’m the socially awkward, rude, insecure person I am today.

So here goes.


It’s fair to say I had a pretty horrible time at my old school. Everything seemed different compared to primary; being smart and quiet was no longer considered “cool” (it probably wasn’t in the first place but whatever) and I was pressurised into gelling my hair in a certain way and acting loud and rebellious. It wasn’t too much of a problem for me though, as I had made some friends and they seemed to accept me for the way I was. I only began to notice some problems with myself when the others began to point them out for me.

 I never spoke to anyone during lessons. And people began to complain when they had to sit next to me. And although I never said anything about it, the retards clearly weren’t smart enough to realise how that completely fuc-

…the tip of my pencil just snapped. Mary’s just gone off to get me a sharpener in the other room.

I’ve literally sharpened the pencil so much the nib keeps breaking off and spraying bits of led all over the page. But I’ve never been too much of a perfectionist, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I made my diary look all scruffy. …Even if it had to be my first entry.

But being quite a literate person, I’ll turn this pencil-nib-disaster into something metaphorical: the scruffy mistakes made by the lead, completely ruining my pretty respectable-looking handwriting represent how I’ve had everything laid out for me, and opportunity to makes things go right - just like this previously clean, blank diary.

Except the nib snapped and the led got everywhere.

And messed up what may have been a really neat diary entry.

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