The planet is in ruins, survivors are few. And five teens have the abilities to defeat the enemy. But how will they survive when the enemy is adapting.


4. Training

I felt the last of my wounds heal as I followed John and Micheal. They had told me they had once had more than fifthy survivors but now had less than twenty.

"You's have magic I can feel it off you, why didn't you say?" The question had been stiring in the back of my mind. John smiled at me.

"Apparently we didn't need to." He replied chuckling slightly."Your powerful but you need training,we can train you and help you get where you need to go. What do you say you up for it?" I considered my options, I really didn't have many. I closed my eyes trying to think.

"Alright, lets give it a go." I replied. The brothers smiled and we continued on into a large room which was to be our training ground for the forseible future...

Four months later...

I had been training hard for four long months in combat, weapons and using my powers. Had a good idea of my abilities, when the others died their powers flowed into me and not only that but they also formed new abilities such as healing, levitation, telelikinesis and telepithy. My telepithy was still off but I could focus my healing. As for everything else I had them pretty much under control. It was time for me to leave, said my fairwells to John and Micheal who gave me two guns and refills, throwing knifes and a twenty-four inch sword. The morning air was fresh and clean a good morning for zombie killing. Now all I had to do was find the 'evil one' as they called him and kill him then it would be over. Its alot harder than it sounds.

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