The planet is in ruins, survivors are few. And five teens have the abilities to defeat the enemy. But how will they survive when the enemy is adapting.


3. Not dead yet

All was dark and I couldn't get the image of Paul's body lying there in a growing pool of blood. I was in a nightmare. I ran trying to reach him, trying to save him, failing. Then the ground split I reached out trying to grab something, anything. I fell into the darkness. I woke up my head pounding. I was lying face down on a bed. I tryed to move and pain shot through my neck and the pounding in my head intensified. I could hear whispering and slowly opened my eyes. I was in a dimly lit room, two men and a woman were whispering in a corner. I turned and moved onto my back, to weak to move any more, and let out a slow groan. They turned and saw I was awake and the woman rushed over to my side.

"How are you feeling? You took quite a hit. I mean how did you fight the infection so fast? To be honest I've never seen anything like. You're really pow-" She was cut off by the taller of the men as he placed his hand on her shoulder and quite clearly dismissed her. She left the room and the man that had dismissed her pulled up a chair and sat, while the other man approched and stood leaning on the first mans chair. The man sitting had dark chocolate skin and shinny eyes the colour of emeralds and neat black hair that sat like a wig, which it was.

"Please excusse my wife she's a very curious woman, but anyway how are you feeling?"

"Fine" I lied trying, and only just succeding, to sit up but letting out a hiss of pain."Where am I?" I asked my curiousity overpowering me these were the first survivors we'd, I'd come across in weeks.

"Londan, England." Replied the other man. He to had dark skin and bright green eyes I imeadently thought the two men were brothers."The under ground subway. I'm John Roberts, this is my brother Micheal."

"Hi I'm Claire, Claire Scullion." I paused not sure what to say, an akward silence pased and the two brothers looked at each other.

"Umm... Thanks for...you know saving me and all." As if that had been there cue Micheal stood up and held out his hand, I took it and imeadently felt a strong magical pull. The brothers had magic and they knew I did to I could tell. I stood and they smiled at me.

"How about the 'grand tour'?" Said John and I returned their smile. I could already feel my wounds magicly healing, apparently I'd accuired some new powers, I most sertonly wasn't complaning. But knowone not even I knew how powerful I had become and still would.

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