That Girl

"The Girl" is about a thirteen year old who understands the past, present, future and all things supernatural. She tries to explain how she found out about all of this and what goes on in her life. For some reason she's stuck in this situation... that she can't get out of...


3. The Secret Is Out

             I was getting ready for school when all of a sudden my bedroom door burst open. My brother being the jerk that he is hit it really hard and the door opened. It's a good thing I told Eric to go into the closet while I changed, luckily when my brother opened the door I was already fully dressed as well. My brother and I don't have the greatest relationship ever in the world. It's more like a fight that never ends between us and we don't really care about eachother either. He hates me and I hate him. When I was younger he used to hit me when my parents weren't around or they were gone. I always assumed it was because I was adopted but then later on through the years I learned that he hit me because before I was born my parents usd to play with him and take him all over the place. That's it, he was mad I was born and mad because my parents stopped doing all those things for him. But how is it my fault? I didn't ask to be born, it just happened. My parents had the choice of having me, they could have given me up to adoption for all I care.

             When I finished brushing my hair and putting on my make-up I realized that I still had some homework left over from last night that my dad was supposed to help me with. He already left for work and so had my brother and my mom wasn't very good at math so I had to turn to Eric. How embarressing... He just ended up giving me the answers instead of trying to explain it all to me. I'm not very good at math, it's not my best subject. My best subject in school would be Language Arts because I love to spell and read and write. If only I had some imagination to do that. I walked out to make sure that my mom was ready to take me to school and so Eric could dressed. I hadn't realized that this would be hard, to hide Eric from everybody and how he would get to school. I mean yeah he could walk but then he would freeze to death and he would be late. This is going to be one hell of an obstacle.

             When I got to school I went through my regular routine. Wait up on stage with my friends until the bell rings, go to homeroom and wait until the announcments were done, math, science, history, break, P.E, Lunch B, 2D art, 2nd break, language arts, and then wait in the pick-up area until my mom got home. But during my routine while I was heading to Lunch B I saw Eric there. We sat together, during lunch and then we went for a walk in the courtyard. A couple of my friends had walked by and giving me the look, the look where they raise their eye brows because they could tell we were dating. It was kinda flattering to kno that they didn't care I was dating a freshman. My converstion was cute but then I asked him why he was there. He said to go to my high school he would have to go to the middle school first. So he was there helping out the office and library to get his credits so he could go to the high school. I was kinda happy because that meant I got to spend more time with him instead of only being with him at the house.

             Later that day when we got home I hadn't realized my dad was home too. He had walked in on Eric and I kissing. The kiss was great but my dad seeing it wasn't. I ran after him and told him how Eric's mom was a horrible woman worse than my mom. After I said worse than my mom he soon realized how bad it was. I told hi mthat Eric needed a place to stay and that I knew they wouldn't let him stay here i snuck him inside. My dad asked how long he had been staying here and I told him that he had only been here for two days. My dad said that he would talk to my mom about him staying here for a while until things had cleared up at home.

             My mom agreed to let him stay but we would have to talk to his parents about it first. When she had talked to Eric he gave her his moms phone number and the house address. I could see in Eric's eyes that he was really worried that his mom would make him go back. When she arrived at the house she had a bag full of clothes for Eric and all of his essentials. Eric was relieved that his mom had agreed to let him stay here, so was I he wouldn't be in such a horrible place anymore. My mom and Eric's mom had stayed for a while in the kitchen talking. I didn't want Eric to hear anything so we went into my room and talked for a while. Eric said he thought that his mom was coming to pick him but it turns out she was afraid of what her eldest son woud do to Eric considering he left the house. Other than that the rest of the day went pretty well and we all went to sleep with something going on in our head. I knew my parents were conserned about what Eric and I were doing at that moment. I was worried my parents would get tired of having Eric here and send him hoe and well I dont know what Eric was thinking about.

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