That Girl

"The Girl" is about a thirteen year old who understands the past, present, future and all things supernatural. She tries to explain how she found out about all of this and what goes on in her life. For some reason she's stuck in this situation... that she can't get out of...


2. My Dream

             I was in the backseat of a car. I couldn't see who was driving but they were taking me somewhere and there was someone in the passenger side. I still couldn't see who either of them were and I couldn't hear anything they were saying the music was blasted and it was rock music. When they stopped the car and got out they somehow managed to hide there faces and put a blind fold on me. They were leading me somewhere with steps I couldn't quite tell where. Inside was cold and damp and the floor was wet. I could tell because they slipped and dragged me down with them. I couldn't tell who they were their voices sounded so familiar but I couldn't figure it out.

             They sat me down on what seemed to be a bed because I could feel the springs. Then practically being blinded by the light they slowly took the blind fold off. Both of the men were wearing black ski masks. They didn't really do anything to me. For a moment we all sat there and stared at eachother, then I realized we were in a bedroom. All of a sudden one of the men stood up and walked out. I could tell he locked us in there because I heard the door lock. The other man layed me down on the bed and put three blankets on me. The first was a large and heavy blanket, the second was a medium sized blanket and it wasn't very heavy, and the third blanket was small and light. Then he walked over to the door and turned out the lights.

             When he came back he picked up part of the blankets and crawled onto the bed next to me. He then started to kiss me and not feeling amused I pushed him off making him fall to the ground. He got back up and instead of him leaning over to kiss me like a gentlemen he sits on top of me, using his knees to hold my arms down and his hands to make sure I didn't move my head. Then he kissed me again and kept going and going. I didn't like it all then he gets off of me but he continues to kiss me and at that moment I pull off his mask and right before I see his face I wake up.

             After I woke up I was breathing really heavily. I didn't know what was going on or if I was still dreaming. I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight, looking around I wasn't in that room with the guy and I most importantly wasn't in that bed. Then i pointed my phone downward and saw Eric laying next to me. I felt so relieved to see him there. I knew I was safe and sound. I hadn't realized the flashlight was still on and that I was blinding Eric. I accidently woke him up and when he opened his eyes, blined him. I felt kinda bad considering it was my fault. I told Eric I was sorry but I just had a really bad dream and when I woke up I was kinda worried. He said it was ok sometimes nightmares are just a way of saying goodbye to old fears.

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