Tough Love

Emily has had a tough life. She never thought that she would ever go to a concert, meet Harry styles, and that they'd fall in love...but as their relationship gets will they deal with constantly having to be away from each other? Will their relationship survive this Tough Love?


8. More Love

Emily's POV

Aunt Lizzy said that I could stay at Harry's until he went back on tour. She understood that Harry and I wanted to spend all the time we could together.

I was packing my things to go and stay with Harry. I packed a whole suitcase full. I was zipping up my suitcase about to head downstairs, when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Hey Emily!" Harry shouted . "Crap," I thought. I quickly ran around my room tearing down every poster I had up of Harry. I was tearing the last one down when Harry walked in my room. I quickly hid all of the posters behind my back. He gave me a confused look and walked towards me. "What's that behind your back?" He asked with a cheeky grin. "Nothing," I quickly replied. He gave me a playful grin and then quickly ran towards me. He lifted me up and through me over his shoulder. "Put me down!" I yelled laughing. "Drop what was behind your back, and I'll put you down." He said with a chuckle. "Ugh," I moaned. I dropped the posters. I didn't want to, but the blood was rushing to my head, and it was giving me a headache. I wanted to be out down. Harry lied me down on my bed. He looked through all of the posters, then turned to me. I had my hands over my face to hide my blushing face. All of a sudden, I felt the bed shake with a squeaky noise. I slowly removed my hands from over my face to see Harry over me smiling. He looked me in the eyes. "Why do you have pictures of such handsome men in your room?" He asked. I started laughing and put my hands back over my face. Harry quickly removed my hands from my face and held them. He leaned down to give me a peck on the lips...when I quickly turn my head, making him kiss my cheek. His mouth dropped. We both chuckled, but then he gave me the puppy dog face, yet again. I smiled, them gave him a peck on the lips. He smiled and jumped up off my bed. I held out my hands and he lifted me up from the bed. Harry helped me with my bags and we headed downstairs. I gave Aunt Lizzy a hug goodbye, and we left.

We were on our way to Harry's hotel, when I remembered that my friends didn't know about Harry and I yet. I turned to Harry. "Harry?" I asked. "Do you think that we could pick up a few of my friends, and take them to the hotel to hang out with us and the boys for the night?" He looked at me and smiled. "Are they big fans?" He asked. "Yes, they definitely are," I said with a chuckle. "Well then, I don't see why not!" He said with a grin. I smiled and told Harry where to go to get my friends. We picked up Mal and Syd first. Then we picked up my friends Stephanie and Cailie. After everyone had piled into the car, I announced that Harry and I were officially dating, and, of coarse, my friends all screamed. Harry laughed, then took my hand and held it. This made my friends squeal and giggle even more.

We got to Harry's hotel at about 5:30 PM. Harry let us all gather up on his bed, while he went and got the rest of the boys. When Harry left the room, I turned to everyone. "Please, don't scream when they come in okay?" I said. They all nodded. Their faces where as red as tomatoes. The rest of the boys came in, and of course, all of my friends squealed a little. The boys gave my friends hugs and introduced themselves. Then we all sat around the TV. Harry put in a movie, and we all lied down on some pillows on the floor. Harry put his arm around me, and I leaned my head on his shoulder. About half way through the movie..... I noticed it had gotten really quiet. I turned my head away from the TV, and my jaw dropped. Sydni was asleep on Niall's chest, and Niall was asleep with his arm around her. Cailie was asleep on Louis' shoulder, and Louis also had his arm around Cailie, and Liam and Mallory were kissing and giggling in the corner of the room. "Wow," I thought. "More love." I turned to Harry to see that he was asleep. I kissed his cheek and continued watching the movie. By the time the movie was over, everyone was asleep. I was so happy, that everyone was happy.

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