Tough Love

Emily has had a tough life. She never thought that she would ever go to a concert, meet Harry styles, and that they'd fall in love...but as their relationship gets will they deal with constantly having to be away from each other? Will their relationship survive this Tough Love?


3. Getting to know each other

I walked her over to the couch, "So tell me about yourself", I sent awkwardly. She looked at me in the eyes and started giggling. "What?"I asked confused. She turned away and shook her head still giggling. "Nothing".She then looked back at me and started telling me about her interests, where she grew up, her aunt, and school. "I go to Belmont University, and I'm studying to be an actress, along with my friends Mallory and Sydney." "That's great",I replied. I looked into her beautiful eyes smiling. "Where do you live?" I asked. She looked at me and giggled. "Well,I live here in Nashville". I looked down with a sad face, "Oh," I said. She looked at me concerned. "What's wrong?" I looked her in the eyes. "I live in London, and I won't be back in Nashville for at least a year."Oh,",she said."Well how long are you going to be here. "I'm going to be here for two more shows, then I have eight weeks off to spend anywhere." She looked at me,"Oh,well then I guess you'll be spending that time with your family?"she asked looking down. "Or, I could spend it here with you," I said smiling. She looked at me shocked. "Harry, what about your family?",she asked concerned. "I'll tend to it, don't worry," I said. She smiled.

We talked for about two more hours, laughing at some of my cheesy jokes, when Louis barged in." Hey mate, you've been in here for four hours you know?" "Wow, time goes by fast when you're with someone so interesting", I said turning to Emily expecting her to be smiling, but she was just staring at Louis shocked. "Hi, love", Louis said giving Emily a hug. "Hi," she said. I could tell she was nervous. "Hey mate," Louis looked at me." Paul wants us back at our hotel in thirty minutes." "Okay,"I said pushing him out the door. He whispered in my ear… "Is she your girlfriend already?"He asked. "I'm working on it,"I said quietly, still pushing him out the door. He was finally out, and Emily and I were alone again. She looked at me, "You have to go,"she said looking down. "Yeah, but you're coming with me," I replied grabbing your arm.

Emily's POV

Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the back door of the arena and into a limo. "Harry where you taking me?" I asked as he pulled me into the limo. "You're coming with me,"He said with a cheeky grin. "Harry, how long will I be gone. I can't stay with you all night."He looked at me and gave me the puppy dog face, batting his eyes. "Please, I have an extra bed at my hotel," He said. I looked at him, "I guess I could text Mallory and have her cover for me for the night. I was supposed to spend the night at her house tonight. "He smiled as I texted Mal.

Harry's POV

We pulled up to the hotel, and there were a lot of fans surrounding the front entrance, so I told the driver to let us out at the back entrance of the hotel. We got out and went to my floor. When we walked in my room...Emily instantly looked me dead in the eyes, " I thought you said you had two beds!" I gave her a mischievous, cheeky grin, "Did I say two beds?....I meant a bed made for two."

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