Tough Love

Emily has had a tough life. She never thought that she would ever go to a concert, meet Harry styles, and that they'd fall in love...but as their relationship gets will they deal with constantly having to be away from each other? Will their relationship survive this Tough Love?


9. 3 More Weeks

Emily's POV

I woke up in Harry's arms. I looked up at him. He was fast asleep. I gently removed his arms from around me to get up and make breakfast, when he quickly pulled me back into his arms. I looked up at him. His eyes fluttered open. He was looking down at me smiling. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked. "To make breakfast," I replied with a chuckle. "No," he said. "You're staying right here with me." He put both arms around me, and we fell back asleep like that.

I woke up at about 10:00 AM. Harry was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I looked around the room remembering what happened with my friends and the other boys last night. All of my friends have left along with the boys. "Where'd everyone go?" I asked Harry as I walked into the kitchen. He put one arm around me and walked me over to the dining room table, carrying two plates of sausage and eggs. He sat a plate down in front of me with a glass of orange juice. "They left earlier this morning when you were still sleeping," he said sitting down to eat. "Sydni and Niall went to his room, and Mallory went to Liam's room. Louis and Cailie went to Starbucks though." "Oh," I said with a shocked look on my face. Harry took my hand. "Are you okay?" He asked concerned. "Yeah, I'm fine….It's just that…" What?" He asked. "It's just that, their relationships started really fast." "Is that a bad thing?" Harry asked. "No, it's just that, I can't see how their relationships started so fast." I replied. Harry gave me a grin. "Our relationship started fast, it was love at at first sight. Maybe it's the same for them," he said. "You're probably right," I said, taking a bite of my eggs.

It was 1:00 PM, and Harry and the boys left for an interview. I was all alone in Harry's hotel room, so I decided to call Mal, Syd, and Cailie to come over. They got to the hotel room like five minutes after I called. I opened the door. "How did you guys get here so fast?" I asked. Syd immediately blurted out, "I'm dating Niall!" We all laughed at how excited she was. Cailie then screamed, "I'm dating Louis!" Mal kept quiet. "Mal?" I asked. She was blushing. "I kissed....." I interrupted her, "LIAM!" I hugged her, Syd and Caile joined the hug, and made it one big group hug. For the rest of the day. We talked about how sweet the boys are, and love at fist sight.

At about 3:00 PM everyone left. Harry called about 30 minutes later saying that he'd be getting to the hotel late. He said that Paul wanted to meet with them. So I just got comfy on the couch and watched glee.

Harry's POV

The boys and I walked into a big room with one table in it, that took up most of the room. Paul was sitting at the table, joined by the band. He looked us in the eyes. "Boys," he said. "We are going to have to leave to go back on tour, a little sooner than planned." I immediately asked him, "How much time do we have here?" He looked at me with sad eyes. "Three weeks," he said. I looked at the boys. They all had sad faces. I put my face in my hands. I didn't want to leave Emily this soon. How would I explain this to her.

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