Its You

Ella and Niall are from Mullingar Ireland. They have been bestfriends since babies. They were like peanut butter and jelly. You could not spread them apart. Niall and Ella LOVED singing... One day Niall wants to pursue his dream and leaves Mullingar and Ella. Ella is heart broken and cant forget Niall. What will happen? Read this & find out!


1. Please dont leave me..

Niall's P.o.v

"Love.. I have to leave." I said. "I love you Niall" Ella said between sobs. "I love you too.." I said. I looked at Ella and I started to cry. "Love, look at me." I said. Ella looked up at me with her green emerald eyes. "Here take this, I have one too." I said. "Mine say's To infinity" I showed her. "Yours say's & beyond" I smiled. I put it on her neck and she smiled weakly. Im 16 and Ella is 15. "You will always be in my heart love." I said. " I will never forget you" I smiled. "Niall! come on!" my mum yelled. "This is it I guess.." Ella said while starting to cry again. "I love you." I said. I hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips. "Bye Nialler.. I love you to the moon and back." Ella said. I walked towards the car and opened the door. I looked at Ella while tears started to come out of my crystal blue eyes. "Bye love.." I said.  I got in and started to cry my eyes out. "I love you Niall!" I heard Ella scream. My mum drove away and I couldn't even talk.

Ella's P.o.v

He left me.. My love, my bestfriend, my everything.. I cant believe it. I run to my house open the door and run upstairs. I go to my room and slam the door. "Why! Why did he have to leave me!!" I yell. I started to sob my eyes out. I closed my eyes and all I thought was Niall. Then I fell into a deep sleep

*2 hours later*

Ella's P.o.v

I went down stairs and heard my mum on the phone. "She's completely heart broken" my mum said into the phone. "Okay, let me go get her" I heard her say. "Ella!" My mum yelled. "Yes mum?" I sniffled. "Niall wants to talk to you" my mum said. I ran toward my mum and snatch the phone. (Niall- N, Ella- E)

E- Niall!!

N-Ella! Love! I miss you so much!

E- Oh god Niall, I cried my eyes out when you left! *I started to cry over the phone*

N- Please don't cry babe

E- It hurts Niall I miss you

N-I miss you too, I have to go now.. I love you babe

E- I love you too Nialler..

That was it.. He ended the call. "Love, look at me" my mum said. " I miss him mum.." I said while tears brimmed in my eyes. "He misses you too honey.." my mum said. "Mum I'm going to bed.." I said. "Good Night love" she said. I walked up stairs and went into my room. I put on my pajamas and went too sleep.

*2 years later*

Ella P.o.v

Its been 2 years and me and Niall lost contact. I miss him so much. I cant even explain it. He's now in a band called One Direction. I LOVE THEM!!! He doesn't remember me! "Love! lets go to Starbuck!" amber, my bestfriend said. "Mkaayy" i said. I put on sweats and my purple Jack willis sweater. "love you have to get over him!" amber said. "Dude! its hard! He was my first love!" i say while tears brimmed in my eyes. "Oh love dont cry!" amber said while hugging me. We got out of our flat and started to walk. It was quiet. I didnt really wanna talk. We got to Starbucks and Amber ordered our drinks. I sat down and went on twitter. I saw Niall's tweet. "Had so much fun in Ireland! Leaving in two weeks! Love you all! xx" that was nialls twee. "Amber! We have to leave!" i yell. Amber run to me and looks at me worriedly. "why! whats wrong!" Amber yelled. "Hes in Ireland!" i yell. Amber ran to get the drinks and then ran out the door. We started to walk home and i was on my phone. I wasnt really paying and then i bumped into to someone. "Oh im so sorry love!" i recognized that thick irish accent. I look up and see him. The one person that forgot me. "N-n-niall.." i stutter

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