Its You

Ella and Niall are from Mullingar Ireland. They have been bestfriends since babies. They were like peanut butter and jelly. You could not spread them apart. Niall and Ella LOVED singing... One day Niall wants to pursue his dream and leaves Mullingar and Ella. Ella is heart broken and cant forget Niall. What will happen? Read this & find out!


5. Its my fault & your mine<3

Niall's P.o.v  

Its my fault shes in the hospital, I almost made her kill herself! "Whats wrong with me!" i yelled. "mate stop blaming yourself!" Harry yelled. I broke down into tears thinking about Ella. I love her and i was a dick to yell at her. ''Harry.." i said softly. "What mate?" Harry said. "I love her" i said. "Niall we all know you do! Its obvious mate" Harry said" Liam, Zayn, Harry and Louis looked at me. "I dont know what to do!" i exclaimed. "Im gonna ask her out when shes up." i said. They boys looked at me and smiled. "Nialler finally found his princess" Harry exclaimed. All the boys, including me laughed. Then the doctor came into the waiting room. "Shes out from the operation room and wants to see you boys." the doctor said. Me and the boys ran to Ella's room. 

Ella's P.o.v

When i woke up, i was in a hospital bed. My stomach was killing me! There was a knock on the door. "come in" i said weakly. All i saw were 5 boys that i wanted to see. "Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis & Niall!!" I tried to yell. "Ella!" the boys yelled. They came by me and hugged me. Niall looked down and all i saw was a tear fall down. "Niall, stop crying" i said. He looked up at me and started to sob. "Niall! Why are you crying" i exclaimed. "I-i almost made you kill yourself" Niall said in between sobs. "Nialler.. you didnt, i made the decision to harm myself" i said. "Why did you harm yourself" Niall sniffled. "Because i was an idiot who wasnt thinking" i said. "Ella-Bella, i love you to death and never ever want to lose you. Will you be my girlfriend?'' Niall asked/said. I looked at him and smiled like an idiot. "Yes!" I said. Niall came up to me and carefully placed his lips on my lips. It was like fireworks. "Hey lovebirds, save it for later!" Louis said. I pulled away and blushed. All of a sudden the doctor came in with Amber's mum. "Mrs. Gonzalez, why are you here? Wheres Amber?" i asked. "Love, Amber's.. in critical condition. She got into a car accident." Mrs. Gonzalez said. "W-w-what? No.. She cant be!" I yelled. "Ella..." Mrs.Gonzalez said. Mrs. Gonzalez come to me and hugs me. I sob quietly into her arms. "Why are you in the hospital love?" Mrs.Gonzalez asked. "I tried killing myself.." i said softly. "Love, please dont try it again." Mrs. Gonzalez said. "Again?" Niall asked. I quickly changed the subject. "I want to go see Amber." i said. I got up and walked towards the door. "Lead the way please!" i said. Mrs. Gonzalez walked out the door. We walked down a hall and Mrs. Gonzalez walked in a room. I walk in slowly and see Amber hooked up to multiple machines and her feet and neck in casts. I fall down onto my knees and sob my eyes out. Mrs. Gonzalez walks towards me and kneels down next to me. "Shes a fighter, she'll get through it love." Mrs. Gonzalez said. I look up at Mrs. Gonzalez and see tears brimming in her eyes. I start to cry even more and then finally Mrs. Gonzalez broke down.

Niall's P.o.v

I walk into Ambers room and see Ella and Mrs. Gonzalez sitting on the floor sobbing there eyes out. I kneel down next to them and hug them. "Babe, she will fight!" I said. Ella looked up at me with blood shot eyes. "Please stop crying" I said. Ella hugged me tightly and didnt let go. "Babe, look at me." I said. Ella looked at me and tears fell down her cheeks. "She will get through it, please stop crying." I said. I wiped her tear that was about to fall. She was mine, and problems started already. I picked her bridal style and carried Ella to her room. Mr. Gonzalez came so he helped Mrs. Gonzalez. Ella was fast asleep so I carefully put her on her bed. "Mates, shes finally mine." I smiled. The boys smiled and looked over at Ella. I was so happy, i have 5 bestfriends and the girl of my dreams,

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