Its You

Ella and Niall are from Mullingar Ireland. They have been bestfriends since babies. They were like peanut butter and jelly. You could not spread them apart. Niall and Ella LOVED singing... One day Niall wants to pursue his dream and leaves Mullingar and Ella. Ella is heart broken and cant forget Niall. What will happen? Read this & find out!


6. A\N!! ( I NEED HELPPP!!!)

I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDD HELP!!!! I have no clue what to write or what is should call chapter 7. Please please help! My Kik is holla_ella 

Kik me. Like please ! Im dyingggg i needddd help. Im weird xD Just kik me your ideas and your usernames. So this is technically a contest. I will be picking two ideas, that you guys give me. I will congratulate the two winners in a week. SOOO PLEASE KIK ME NOWWW! :)

Thank you lovessssssssss



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