Its You

Ella and Niall are from Mullingar Ireland. They have been bestfriends since babies. They were like peanut butter and jelly. You could not spread them apart. Niall and Ella LOVED singing... One day Niall wants to pursue his dream and leaves Mullingar and Ella. Ella is heart broken and cant forget Niall. What will happen? Read this & find out!


7. Amber please wake up!

Ella's P.o.v

Amber is still in a coma. She's been in one for 3 weeks. Me and Niall have been dating for 3 weeks, and he hasnt left me side since. Ive been happy with him. He helps me get through everything. My wound is healing. It kinds hurts but i put pain reliever cream on it.  "Babe, lets go visit Amber!" I said to Niall. ''Alright love." Niall said. I got up and winced in pain. "Babe toss me the cream" i said. Niall grabbed the cream and rushed to my side and carefully picked up my shirt. He placed some cream on his finger and rubbed it on my wound.  "Ow!" i yelped. "Sorry princess!" Niall said. "Its okay babe." I said. Niall kissed my nose and then i ended up giggling. "Are you ready?" Niall asked. "Nope" I laughed. "Babee" Niall whined. I went up stairs. I opened my door and went to my closet. I picked out sweats and the purple Jack Willis sweater that Niall got me 2 years ago. Yes, it still fits! Im very tiny. I went downstairs and Niall eyed me head to toe. "Take a picture, it would last longer babe" I giggled. Niall took out his phone and smirked. "Smile!" Niall said. I smiled like an idiot and Niall laughed. he came towards me and kissed me on the lips. Our lips moved in sync and Niall's tongue was fighting for an entrance. I gave up so our tongues explored each others mouth. I stopped kissing Niall cause i ran out of breath. "Babeee why did you stoppp" Niall whined. "I couldnt breath" I giggled. "Lets go to the hospital!" I said. I went to the door and put on my silver ugg boots. I went outside and the cold air slapped me in the face. "Its cold!" I whined. "Deal with it" Niall laughed. I stuck my tongue out at him and giggled. 

Niall's P.o.v

Ever since that day Mrs. Gonzalez said "dont try that again." to aElla. I want to ask her but i dont want to make her uncomfortable! Oh whatever! "Babe..? Can i ask you something" I said. "Yeah sure!" Ella smiled. "That day when you told Mrs. Gonzalez why you were in the hospital, why did she say "dont try that again?" I asked. Ella sighed, "I knew i would have to tell you.." Ella said. "When you left i got bullied, real bad. Everyone would say "Where you irishboy?" They would always taunt me and say that you should of left me sooner" Ella said while tears brimmed in her eyes. "Then one day i could deal with it anymore so i cut myself, then i tried to kill myself" Ella said softly. She broke down and sobbed her eyes out. I hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. "Babe.. I-i-im sorry..." I said. "It wasnt your fault!" Ella sniffled. I just turned on the car and drove to the hospital. I can't believe that Ella would do that. We got to the hospital and I got out the car and went to Ella's side. I opened her door and smiled. "Babe I love you" Ella said. "I love you too baby" I smiled. I grabbed Ella's hand and walked into the hospital. I went up to the receptionist and smiled. "Amber Gonzalez" I said. "Room 406" the receptionist smiled. Me and Ella went to Ambers room and walked in. We saw Mrs. Gonzalez sobbing. "Mrs. Gonzalez what's wrong!!" I said. "A-a-a-ambers d-d-dead." Mrs. Gonzalez said.

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